These Smug Bastards Are Laughing at You…And They Have Been Doing so For a Long Time

Months ago, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was asked about the administration’s plan to combat increased gas prices hitting American’s wallets. Her response was so disconnected from reality it is not even funny. Not just that, it didn’t age well at all.

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  1. This is all about being able to monitor and shut off your car whenever they choose. Unconstitutional lockdowns especially on "nonessential." Has nothing to do with climate control. It's human control.

  2. So. Someone drives an electric car which requires over 300% of earth mined to get what is required for the battery, they charge it at a charging station that gets its electricity from coal, and then stand there and tell you they’re environmentally conscious. Hmmmm. Sounds kind of stupid.

  3. Watch the documentary “Planet of the Humans”. The CO2 climate catastrophe is a hoax being used to push socialism and globalization. The “Great Reset” is real and the elites have been using climate change to push their agenda.

    The alarmists have saying we only have 10 years for over 40 years, it’s s big lie!
    Since their climate change hoax was not working fast enough, along came a virus.

  4. They really do hate us. We are their servants and how dare we question them. Rising living costs are the price Biden is willing for us to pay to defeat Putin. Orrr, some crap like that.

  5. More or less words we are trying to make it unaffordable to have gas powered cars and make you all pack into cities because electric cars has a limited range and limited areas with sufficient power said cars in a large amount

  6. How did we get to the point where meta avatars like her and metrosexuals made of marshmallow like Pete Outoftouchagig speak in tortured metaphors without the slightest pushback from a journalist?
    We’re pretty much doomed. There’s no heroic ending coming in this sci fi disaster movie we’re living through.
    Just prepare your families and brace for impact.

  7. Coming next: it affects electric cars when they force everything on to "renewables" and "zero emissions" technologies that don't include nuclear, bringing extreme electricity scarcity and driving those prices through the roof. I mean come on who trusts these assholes at this point?

  8. She is lying to your face though. If you drive an electric car, you are driving a car that is primarily being powered, from origin point, by COAL. You are being lied to.

    Transitioning to non-renewables is going to take a century of so, and at that rate, is going to involve sacrifices. Most people are okay with a RATIONAL transition to renewable energy source. A source that the SOTA shows is NO WHERE NEAR viability today. What these fantasy world politicians want is beyond destructive, it's not even possible. But they are doing a good job of suppressing the world economy with their idiocy so far.

  9. Is all the food going to be delivered on electric trucks? They know we are too far into their plan for us to escape and stop them. I guess Klaus promised them all some form of God hood

  10. If you can't afford 5 bucks for a gallon of gas just drop a hundred grand on a electric car …never mind the coal you need to burn to make that electricity .This administration is beyond stupid .

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