These warmongers are pushing World War III in Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris

More politicians are pushing for World War III and anyone who does not want this is now being labeled as “Putin supporters.” What of humanists who want no killing? There’s no room for those people as Nancy Pelosi promises Ukraine that our checkbook is open.

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  1. Shame, shame completely delusional if this government thinks Russia is going to run and hide. They want to kill us all God is going to stop them. We'll see it's about to get really shocking. We're not alone anymore. We've been taken over by another different unknown race of beings.

  2. E.M.P. more than likely because Putin knows once the nuclear genie is out of the bottle it's over for all,it's called M.A.D. for a reason mutual assured destruction these people watch Rambo o many times

  3. The Irony is that the Same People that Want stricter Gun Control and for American Citizens to give up personal Gun ownership are the same ones promoting and backing a $40 Billion dollar Arm package to Ukraine , rather than Humanitarian Aid or PEACE TALKS. That are the Same ones surrounded by armed security and live behind Secure Walls in Neighborhoods that are Restricted, Protected and far from the Crime and Violence of the Inner Cities

  4. Thanks Redacted 4 bringing me the truth and keeping it real…Wake up America I cannot believe they voted this clown in to run the Free World and all he wants to do is destroy it put him in the nursing home bringing somebody fresh new with good ideas and not war ideals…. Definitely wanting to be a warmonger I wish I could say what I really want to say but I don't want to get banned…………………..

  5. What a farce when Democrats talk about the USA as the protector of Freedom. Democrats are using the NSA, FBI and CIA to corrupt our freedom in America. Edward Snowden said that the NSA is collecting everything on Americans. Now Biden makes says supporters of President Trump are racist. This is their big word to belittle anyone who objects to anything they do. I'm for the Human Race, and the good of all. What Political Party supported and pushed for Jim Crow legislation? What Political Party does the KKK belong to? Who red-lined the city of Chicago? Answer….Democratic Party.

  6. I can understand the the Kongress man Adam Kinsinger is fine with using biological or nuclear Weappons. Of course the Battlefield and Desaster would take place in Europe and gains from Weappon Deals end in the US. Clever , no really not its cruel, stupid and disgusting

  7. Considering that Biden has just slapped China and North Korea in the face, and is incapable of assessing the consequences of that due to too much medication, Russia could take it easy. Soon there will be more battle-fronts than the US can handle. Probably Biden hopes to give good news about Ukraine ''victories '' shortly before the November elections

  8. The US and NATO are sleepwalking into World War 3 with Russia, China and the rest of the independent nations of the world. The arrogance of the regime in Washington in its quest to dominate the world will inevitably lead to a confrontation with both Russia and China and the extinction of all life on earth if nuclear war breaks out. Why must the rest of the world that have no issues with Russia or China pay the ultimate price because the West cannot get along with these countries? What gives the West the right to make decisions that could lead to the end of all civilisation on earth? Who do they think they are? Rulers of the world?

  9. "in the name of God" and "for God's sake" really poking the biggest bear of all!! O'biden is so upset about the school shootings, but, he sure is happy to start WWIII! And, he's going to Alabama to encourage speeding up weapons of war to kill children in another country across the world! Innocent kids just get in the way with war. So, that's ok to kill them because they are not Americans? He uses the name of God because he is upset about American children?


    L'inquiétude véritable vient du fait que les États-Unis entretiennent un état de guerre permanent depuis 1945 et détruisent toute les nations qui tentent d'échapper à leur domination impérialiste. Or cela ne peut pas durer éternellement. À un moment donné les USA n'auront d'autre choix que d'abandonner leur pouvoir impérialiste ou de le maintenir par une guerre totale qui suppose l'utilisation de l'arme nucléaire. L'Europe aurait pu empêcher ça en ayant une politique internationale indépendante de l'OTAN et des USA pour forcer les USA à accepter un monde multipolaire, mais les idiots qui dirigent les pays européens n'ont rien fait en ce sens. Maintenant, le monde est à la merci d'une erreur, d'une provocation ou d'un malentendu. La fin de l'humanité telle que nous la connaissons est proche et le danger n'est pas Poutine mais le complexe militaro-industriel-financier des USA.

  11. 7:30 The US will fight till the LAST UKRAINIAN!!! I hope Russia does us all a favor and takes out DC. THEN…we will keep out of their business and get this country headed in the RIGHT direction.

  12. They create a situation and potentiate the tensions that will be an excuse for better peoples control, which means the time of chipping is coming, the end of freedom. These are power-hungry patients who are willing to destroy the continent in order to fulfill their greedy desires, and subject the rest of the world to control.

  13. How many times am I to Type to You — Biden is all about Murdering Americans because just because they are called Americans — Doesn't mean they are "JUST" Americans but, What state are they from — means they are state individuals WHO Are Enemies of the Government — As Per Law! Biden is for sure — About Killing Americans and they might not be Federal Citizens — but, are thinking they are Federal Citizens but, they are lying to themselves because they are too ignorant to understand they are going to die due to their personal ignorance! States drafts are just conscripts to be murdered….that is the WHOLE REASON OF HAVING WAR POWERS ACT GIVING WASHINGTON, D.C. THE POWER TO KILL THEM IN UNITED STATES WARS! YOU FOOLS! This is "Exactly duplicating Russian System of Conscripts to be Killed!" So when Americans with Social Security Numbers start dying from having that Number — and the Border Immigrants are here making "States" their NEW HOMES supported and protected by United States, Washington, D.C which is NOT a state or STATE and is a Corporation that HIRE politicians to B.S. you — the ignorant people! Remember — you are a American, A worthless draft conscript to be killed for whatever Federal Reason.

  14. Peace talks should be at the top of the agenda. Not the supply of weapons. ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE CORRUPT. We would all be better off wiping out our own governments.

  15. The Ukrainians set there with Nancy. Do they not know all American politicians are liar and the is better than a 60% possibility it will not happen the way she is telling them. Nov will have a lot to say about the conflict as our politician have become just to scary.

  16. I heard
    President Biden,
    of the United States (comment !)
    ((that's-world world 3))
    But what's
    the difference?
    From others US Wars! Their. We're wars in
    The Iraqi War!!
    The Syria War!!
    The Vietnam War!!
    The South'
    American War!!
    (Russia will be
    World War III
    oh I get it Now.because
    NATO Europe and the United States will fight Russia
    just as Europe and the United States WAR with Germany and Japan War # 2. NOW
    WAR # 3 .. WHEN: Russia decides to defend itself from Europe&U.S.
    it will-becomes
    World War III.
    Thank you
    I was a little confused
    May30 2022

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