They are “Fact Checking” THEIR OWN PRODUCT! Reuters COO Works with Pfizer & WEF! Viva Clip

The corruption is boundless. The COO of Reuters is a board member of Pfizer and works with the WEF. And it’s fact checking stories showing the potential harm been caused by a certain Pfizer product

Written by Viva CLIPS!


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  3. Viva, many thanks for offer this person's very interesting resume. 
    " Minor things can become moments of great revelation when encountered for the first time . . . " – Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991)

  4. The wealthiest family in Canada is the Thomson family, they own a controlling stake in Thomson Reuters (largest news service in world), and the Globe & Mail (largest news paper in Canada), amongst other news companies. The true power in this world is the propaganda, as it is through propaganda that consent is manufactured.

    Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada happens to have worked at both Reuters & the Globe & Mail, & she represents the extremely wealthy downtown Toronto riding of Rosedale where the Thomson family lives. She also has a family history in the industry as her grandfather was a high ranking Nazi propagandist in Ukraine. Additionally, she sits on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum.

    One example of a conflict of interest can be found in the fact that the ex-CEO of Thomson Reuters, Jim Smith, now sits on the board of Pfizer and is involved with multiple initiatives with the World Economic Forum.

    A prime example of the Thomson family attempting to control the narrative can be found in Thomson Reuters firing their head of data science for the crime of pointing out that the data does not demonstrate disproportionate targeting of blacks by police. They can't have this truth come out because it would destroy the narrative they have created to keep us divided based on falsehoods. They need to keep us divided so as that we don't unite against our true enemies.

    You can read up on the Thomson family in a Maclean's article online which talks about how the Thomson family likes to spend Christmas with the Rothschilds and how Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, is the son of Ken Thomson's right hand man. And also how David Thomson admits to being "a secret member of a secret order".

    The Thomson's spent $115 million in 2002 to purchase "The Massacre of the Innocents" a painting depicting the biblical scene in which Herod king of Judea, orders the execution of all male children two years old and under in an attempt to murder Jesus. I will let you speculate as to why the Thomsons felt the need to purchase this extremely graphic painting.

    Here's to hoping Viva sees this

  5. I dont know if I accidently hit the wrong button when the ad came on or not, but when I went to "like" your video, it was on "dislike". I changed it to like of course, but not really sure how that would have come up 🤔 and wouldn't have known if I hadn't gone back to the screen. Thanks for all you do.

  6. The Pfizer CEO reminds of a CEO of a car company in which he brags about how good their airbag system works after the car's accelerator gets stuck and crashes into a brick wall.

  7. I'm so glad u posting this. I do the same lol. Check the auditors and board members for those companies of who and CDC aswell as FDA or the regulator for ur country. Lol that's when I knew saphra or FDA in my region was captured.

  8. Just got my haircut and while talking about the Jab she told me that she had side effects after the #3 booster including missing her period for 3 months. Her co-worker had problems as well. Her husband was also affected with heart issues and the doctor told him it was anxiety and took 3-4 months off work. I also had a conversation with another neighbor and she too had menstruation problem as well after the Jab, she is a nurse and the doctor she works with had problems as well. Thanks Trudeau, you a$s hole!

  9. more and evidence of the old-pals club currently ruling this globe
    it is neither honest or productive
    and by their very own rules.. is also criminal
    if this were a real world.. the common man would need to organise themselves to rid themselves of this corrupted "elite"

  10. We can FACT CHECK THESE CRIMINALS OURSELVES! . court ordered and released V, trial data from feb 2021 , and released March 1 2022 . Showing 1291 , S. Ef. . CRAMMED ON 9 PAGES, and PUBLICLY AVAILABLE! .

  11. Thank you so much!! I came across your channel and subscribed about a month ago. I was thrilled to find another person using their intellect to cut through these BS narratives presented to us. I had a lot of suspicions from the beginning of this mess, but when the establishment offered to reduce prison sentences to those who would take the shot…even felons in some cases, it was clear as day that this is not about medicine.

  12. Your amazing! Enjoy the channel. Living in Canada these days makes me feel like…hey Cabelas has an excellent selection of off-grid equipment – trying Cabela’s Big Horn III Tent. Turn the heat off on me now #wef

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