They Are Going to Try to Indict James O’Keefe, Project Veritas Over Ashley Biden Diary! Viva Clip

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  1. Yeah, Project Veritas put CNN's smear coverage on their YouTube channel. This means – I can SMELL-L-L-L What The O'Keefe is a cookin'!!! He's gonna be puttin' on the gloves! Hell Yeah!!!! 👍👍👍

  2. There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR CHILD MOLESTATION. If his daughter wrote that HE SHOULD B E INVESTIGATED AND POSSIBLY FACE HARD TIME I'M being serious. He is not protected just because he is president. This should be taken ultra serious. He prolly ruined this young ladies mental development. She will have scars of her dad's actions forever. Forget classified papers WE NEED RO GET A PEDOPHILE OUT OF OFFICE NOW. I'll bet those people were forced to plead guilty for theft of her diary. Biden should die in jail. I've been saying he is a sicko pedo since watching that collage of him online sniffing and touching young ladies. How the he ll did he get elected many of you watched the same collage I watched and still voted for him. So sad, I feel so bad for his daughter

  3. Joe Biden, leave office now, you are an embarrassment to your family, our justice system, all Americans, to the office of the White House. I beg you to do one thing right in your life. For once, you need to try and be honest and step down. After stepping down, walk yourself to the closest police station and turn yourself in for damaging your children's lives!!!!!

  4. It's not so ironic that the Deep State would go after Project Veritas over this diary, they have to get rid of the Borg's facade named Biden. They will make the contents front and center now. Is this the reason they raided Project Veritas when what they really wanted was all Project Vertas's whistleblowers and moles. Two birds with one stone? This is how the Marxist Deep State intimidates would be whistleblowers. On top of that, they will now have 87,000 new armed Judases to go after the rest of us that don't have the money to fight back.

  5. FBI translator-
    A diary left behind by Biden family member= Stolen Diary
    "Do you have anything else she left behind?"= Asked them to steal more items
    Crossing state lines= A Felony (Totally different than crossing a federal border)

  6. The Gardian, an activest organization with a pro-communist agenda that self identifies as a news organization.
    Still, I learned long ago, that foreign news outlets often report news covered up in the US. Such as AL Gore's son being "detained" for pot possession while his dad was VP.
    What is interesting in this story is whether American News Organizations will stand up for Project Veritas, or throw them under the bus.
    I am not at all sure the corrupt (In)Justice Dept. would want to try this case, as the content of the diary will be spread by the internet and talk radio despite anything the Main Stream News tries to suppress it.

  7. "They deceived her into telling the truth?"
    Viva, I love how you analyze the manipulative and frankly condescending framing of so-called journalism. This is exactly why I can barely bring myself to pay attention to legacy media; I don't want to give my time to people who make a career out of insulting the audience's intelligence.

  8. Its about time you Canadian & American commentators stopped using British newspapers David.
    All are garbage here in the UK.
    The Gaurdian & the mail are just propaganda rags that only promote narratives. And they twist & twist & twist the truth so innocence looks like guilt.
    Sensationalist rags that only "spin" news to stay relevant.

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