They are laughing at you! 😡

Suck it up plebs, it’s gonna be tax rises and public spending cuts across the board.




Image of Jeremy Hunt by UK FCO (CC-BY-2.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Image of Rishi Sunak by Chris McAndrew (CC-BY-3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Don't forget the billions for Ukraine, and the billions to help with energy costs due to sanctions. The Dems have invented 4 extra states in order to fortify the next election.

  2. The tories, are Robin Hood in reverse. They take from the old, the sick, and the poor, and give to the rich.
    I always thought that our politicians were in power to serve the UK citizens. But it seems the only ones they serve is themselves. Tosspots all of them.

  3. Hancock should be the Conservative leader, he seems to symbolise the Party's view of its members, never mind the voters, and may he eat a kangaroo's member (so long as it involved no cruelty to Skippy).

  4. so did you expect the covid cash billions that was given out and stolen by loads of greedy liars for free? it was always just a loan that had to be paid back. now the reaper has arrived

  5. Why don’t we ask the WEF to pay off the national debt? The reason I mention this is because the WEF have raised 42 TRILLION QUID of private money to finance the ‘Great Reset’, that is more than the annual GDP of the whole PLANET! So don’t think that the WEF are messing about, they certainly are not. To have raised that much PRIVATE cash is a huge feat, all the big Corporations and big tech must have financed this, it’s an enormous amount of cash. When we are all under control the ‘Elites’ and big tech will be set to make their profit from us – and that they will do, with a vengeance!

  6. The tax increases are there to increase gov't revenue and further deteriorate the Conservative Party brand with its base.

    The spending cuts are in anticipation of a general election resulting in a Labour/Lib gov't so they will have empty positions in the public service that they can fill with their loyal leftist volunteers.

    Hard to see how the Conservative Party redeems itself without a thorough flushing of its leftist backroom, determined to continue denying the Conservative Party membership base a conservative leader of their party.

  7. Jeff did you know there’s already letters of no confidence being forwarded to Sir Eian Brady as there are not confident with Richie Sunak so hope’s he’s out very soon it might be quicker than Liz trust

  8. Just how much of the GNP is wasted on "Governance" – not just MPs pay, but the whole thing like tarting up they houses of parliment and do not forget the Golden Pension!!!

  9. Please correct your terminology regarding NI. Loyalists are militant arm of Unionisms and Republicans are the militant arm of Nationalism. And that video was a member of the public trying to STOP the ego-loon-vandal-criminal from spraying the paint and wrestled the hose to direct it down the loons back! It's a sad day when a member of the public tries to prevent this (when the police and authorities just stand by and let it happen) and he is the one they penalise!! Disgusting!

  10. Jeff you supported Liz Truss and now complaining about 50 billion lost because of her and Kwasi Kwarteng's budget. This the mess we have to pay for. Basically her Brexit loyal minister's screwed up big time in supporting her. No point blaming Sunak for the mess he was left with. The sad news is our debt is far too high. Likely public spending will be cut more than tax rise's
    Loyalist wants to go back to violence. It's just a threat Jeff! They have zero support in NI.
    It's 2022 not 1992!

  11. Since 2019 in my opinion, there has been a deliberate intension by Downing St and the faceless men in grey suits to bankrupt the country. We are being hoodwinked big time, Hunt is the perfect Henchman. I can see this mini budget would be designed to drain our financial resources and kill off small businesses. It stinks of corruption.

  12. BMW will move EV products from UK to China.
    So EV products will be made in Germany and its partner in China.
    Only petrol engined models will be made in UK.
    A neat way of moving production out of the UK within 10 years.
    Mmmm I wonder why?🤔.
    Could brexit have anything to do with it.

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