They Are Losing Minorities And They Know It 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Written by Doc Rich


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  1. Are they really losing minority voters, or are they swapping out black voters for the imported illegal Mexican vote, or buying college kids votes by shifting their student loans off on everyone?
    When the illegal Mexicans figure out that they are being used and their living conditions keep deteriorating in 100 years, they’ll leave the plantation too.
    They need a Mexican Candice Owens or someone that will really tell them what’s about to happen to them, or take a good long look at how black ppl are and have been treated by the democrats

  2. Yes! Keep the truth coming. 👍Here's an old statistic. Did you know from 2000 to 2016 blacks killed more blacks then american soldiers being killed in the Iraq & Afghan wars combined. Here's a ? What are the numbers in 2022? Keep the truth coming Doc.

  3. Aaannd,… Here's the reason Why!!! Very Plain, Very Simple. Ya'll hang around each other too much. It's like a Toxic relationship. Let me just ask a couple questions… Ya'll ever leave your "hood" and go to a White BBQ? They'll welcome you and feed you Steak n Ribs. Ya'll ever go to a White Honky Tonk? They'll great you buy you a beer and show you how to dance. But Ya'll won't do that. You'll hang out with All the other Black Folk and Argue, Fight and Shoot each other over a Damn piece of Chicken!! Ya'll hang around each other too much.

  4. What I don't like is when black people get folks and offers a vote for they don't demand enough but when they have people they don't vote for on the other side they all out protest it's time to protest right now you're demands still isn't being answer

  5. PLEASE PLEASE VOTE November 8th.
    Don’t count or pay attention to Polls, MSM predictions or others to help your cause. Please help and Register ASAP and then VOTE. ‘We’ can help ‘our’ County

  6. Yes the Dems are fully aware they are loosing voters especially the working class in the Energy Sector with their war on fossil fuels to purposely destroy the economy so they can expand their power and control over the people. so to solve the loss in voters they are purposely importing uneducated unskilled unemployed illegals by destroying the southern border resulting in over 300,000 people who we know nothing about crossing monthly which they can easily indoctrinate and put on government welfare roles therefore resulting in millions on new voters. We have an invasion of millions of people from around the world specifically from poor third world countries that the hard working taxpayer will be funding their health housing food education clothing etc.

  7. And remember the rioting in the summer of 2020 by BLM and ANTIFA killed 32 people, 8 who were police officers, seriously injured 2,482 people including over 1,500 police officers, destroyed thousands of small businesses estimated at $2 billion dollars and all the jobs in the black communities these businesses provided that will never come back. And don’t forget these riots were purposely pushed and supported by the Democrat Party and their propaganda wing the main stream media, both who purposely race bait creating hate through racism and class warfare to divide the country.

  8. I know you like to believe this. But I just don’t it’s too many people with their hands out. And November the Democrats throwing Money out. I believe Republicans are going to be hard-pressed to get a few seats.

  9. I just left the left in 2016 – i like reliving my journey to conservatism with you. Watching you see Candace Jordan JRogan etc. its been fun – thanks for sharing your journey.

  10. The most important thing is to stop hurtful name calling and love one another more that will slow down acts of violence in the cities across America such as Philadelphia, Pa.
    In the twenty first century.

  11. I’ve been so angry since I was a little kid and I went to school with black and white kids and I had never been around black kids before. When I started kindergarten when I was 5 1/2 there was a boy in my class and we sat near each other because our names were alphabetically close together. That’s how we got started talking. No white kid looked at me like I was committing treason by being friends with him or any others but he and I were better friends than the other kids I met in elementary school. We were different in a lot of ways but personality wise and behavioral we were very much alike. I cannot remember his name for anything but we would go to lunch and since he got free lunches he always had to eat the school lunch. Mom was kind enough to pack my lunch for me and I would take my cool laying in my little thermos in my lunchbox. At least two days a week when we were in the cafeteria he and I would trade lunches because he said he would give anything for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I gave him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my potato chips and I have a banana in there sometimes an apple. A Five year old boy was in hog heaven and we continued to do that all three kindergarten and first grade sharing our lunches, cafeteria food there wasn’t the worst and most of the time they would get a pizza because the kids didn’t always like whatever they got for lunch why is it was a hotdog or a hamburger or a chicken patty. They could always get pizza and applesauce & milk. This kid was happy as he could be and he ended up liking the same thing I did which was baloney with mustard and potato chips on a sandwich😂😂😂.
    After we were in kindergarten about six weeks or so and I remember it still being warm so it had to be late September at least,
    We were out on the playground one
    Day & we were sitting down on the bench and he looked over at me and he said, “
    I never knew any white people before school. I like you. You’re my good friend and you are very sweet, then this sweet little boy leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He told me I was his best friend in kindergarten and of course he was my best friend outside at the time. That just goes to show how kids are and how genuine they can really be as long as they don’t have a race as parents or they don’t live in a neighborhood where people talk so negatively about other people.

  12. It's not the color of their skin it's the character of a certain segment of their community and the rest of the community has bought into the narrative of police brutality when statistics disprove the narrative.

  13. As a Trump supporter I'm sure there are some white supremacists or skinheads or whatever you want to call them, but I believe their numbers are very, very small, I've never met anyone like that. It is terrible what the democrats do, calling everyone who supports Trump white supremacists. We support Trump because of his policies which will help all of us. We just want to be able to make a decent living, safe streets, we want Legal Immigration, freedom of religion, all religions, good education for our kids, not indoctrination. We don't want foreign wars. And we are most certainly against abortion up to the ninth month and after. We want our jobs brought back from overseas. We want our country to be self sufficient again, not dependent on China. The American people have been struggling for years and we're tired of the Elites in DC making themselves rich while we can barely keep our heads above water. Trump was fixing all of that, he actually cares about Americans, All Americans. The Black communities need to quit listening to the democrats lies and vote for someone who will actually make their communities better, someone who actually cares, I promise you, it is not the democrats. God Bless All Americans 🙏❤🇺🇸

  14. I checked a few years ago that something like 96% of black muders are by black people
    Everytine i say online that the safest place for BP is amongst white people black people mock me, they're actually Incredulous that I should day such a thing g they can't believe I could be so stupid because they're constantly told that WP are the enemy

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