They are not happy you are not complying

Did someone say they would do this?

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  1. Those dear little darlings. Maybe Aunty Edna should visit them and explain things. I do believe if everything sorts itself out correctly in the long term that such people could be charged in courts of law (military like Nuremberg) with the attempted genocide of all mankind. Have they not thought that they are also part of mankind ? I wonder !

  2. maybe if the injections worked compliance may be higher. Maybe if you didn’t try and hide the real findings of the trials for 75 years the compliance might be higher. Maybe if there weren’t over 1200 side effects compliance might be higher……hmmm

  3. Did he just say they’re going to combine the flu vaccine with the Covid19 vaccine. I’m guessing that why our governments are pushing the flu jab now. I’m thinking they’ve already combined it on the sly as more people are willing to get the flu vaccine than the Covid19 one. We need to have the flu vaccine analysed ASAP

  4. Who the F do these people think they are! NOTHING will convince me to get the bloody vaccine- Not even a million quid!!! I do not want it and do not need it, not once every 3 months, not once every year, not EVER! I am getting bloody angry at their complete bullshit, arrogance and greed! 🤬🤬🤬

  5. Every time I hear that word "Comply" applied to any subject, it gives me even more determination to rebell at all costs.
    Comply means to do as you're told. I will not!

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