As governments globally are on the precipice of introducing digital IDs, do we need to worry that the same technology used to impede our freedom with vaccine passports will now be used to control every element of our lives? Spoiler alert… we do. #cbdc #surveillance #digital
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Hi Russel, please what is your opinion on GMO grain. I mean, after all, if this grain used is bad for your health, the people who are doing this will eventually, down the line be consuming it themselves.

  2. C’mon man, it’s not a joke! We have to have control of the money before the aliens show up in 2027. We have to keep you safe from that deep space gonja green the space people will be peddling. It makes you think you have a soul or something like that. It’s necessary for us to keep you safe!!! Trust us;) Oh yea, btw, we’re going to need you to get in line, roll up your sleeve and get your mandatory medicine. We have to make sure your genetics are in line for your new masters tastebuds. Resistance is futile, shut your mouth or else……………

  3. All of us must say no! Not a few, or a handful, EVERYONE! The public and sheeple must be educated, and explanations given. Buy gold and silver, take money out of the bank, and store it safely. This will end the free socirty as we know it. Central banks are a cancer and a story for another day. Look it up.

  4. I've tried to tell my parents about all this stuff a few times and they listen until they suddenly revert back to the same old pnonsense and listening to their media voices again. They don't even know the effect it has had on them. It's mind boggling. There is really no hope for humanity unless we figure out how to either get rid of or use tech in meaningful ways.

  5. I went to get a coffee today EFT had gone "down" the small Cafe could only take cash while it was down 4 people walked away before I paid my $5 inreal money and had a yummy coffee very scary 4 lost customers in 3minutes. Banks could do this on a whim. Medibank are still having problems here in Australia after being hacked. If everything was digital we could be hacked at whim.!

  6. Travellers cannot be “racially abused” because they are not racially different unless your talking about foreign influx of gypsies who most definitely are organised criminal gangs and I-know from several personal experiences they are extraordinarily violent.

  7. I don't need no fans beside me
    Suffer deny
    the voice Can't fright me
    National service that was stolen
    For catalogue despair
    To fucking gold them
    All in all I'm just another prick and fool
    The magic from me came from darkness
    Now a have knowledge
    Hard and sharpness
    All in all we just bricks in the wall

  8. RB nails it again. You can only use your money if you can conform to their ideology. Buy as much gold silver and other precious metals, gems, diamonds. You'll need to use this in the black market. It's coming folks.

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