Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker may reduce the defense budget by $75 billion. So. who are the REAL war party now?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russel you have a 33 degree tattoo on your wrist. I would have to say that is quite a permanant, commitment to Lucifer and freemasonry. If anyone wants to look up the 33 degree oath of freemasonry. It is swearing oatth to make Lucifer your worshipful master.
    Also page 321 of Morals and Dogma it comes right out and says the same thing.

  2. Question- for the last five years it was reported than the Pentagon could not pass one audit. Missing millions of dollars during the last one. So…. shouldn't they find out where the taxpayer dollars went of were used?

  3. The last war that was necessary was WW2. Everything after that was the United Nations and NATO flexing muscles and overthrowing other countries governments. None of them were justified.

  4. The Founding Father,s never intended for America to be a Democracy ,but. a Constitutional Republic,However,the Democrats ,and others who never liked that idea ,just kept repeating that we are a Democracy until they convinced most ,including other countries that ,America is a Democracy!! Also,another falacy is that America is Capitalist Society ,but we are no longer engaged in genuine Capitalism, Corruption is the cause ,and the reason America can no longer be considered a a true Capitalist Society !!! The Founding Father,s had a much different vision for America ,and although it has a great legacy ,it has been infiltrated by those who fo not have her best interests at heart !!! God Bless America,and all freedom loving people !!! 🙏 🙏 🙏

  5. No, it was Obama and his AG with the weapons scandal and Killary with the disasters in Libya and Gadhafi. People die under their watch, Afghanistan, Libya and now they are money laundering billions through Ukraine and depleting our arms and weapons so when someone does strike, we won't be able to defend ourselves.

  6. It was FDR " A DEMOCRAT FOR 3 TERMS" that got us into WW2. War stimulates the economy so since Joey has tanked ours they have to bully someone to start a fight. Remember Pelosi jet setting to Taiwan to assure them "WE" have their backs when China tries to take over?

  7. Nobody going to do anything but complain. I've been s permsculturalist for 35 years. If people were going to do something they would have by now . We've known the problems. We've had the answers . Not getting better . Getting worse.

  8. Because the "extreme right" is the political view of most of us that have actually been to war over the last 20+ years and know and understand the true cost. These scum bags are just part of the largest money laundering scheme since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

  9. Unsubscribed. I'm a Ukrainian, have been following this channel for a while now, thinking, that it gives some valid facts and shows things from a different perspective. While I could have been easily fed with any information about American politics as I wouldn't have enough information to oppose it, 14:28 is a complete bs, and anyone who has spent just a bit of time for research would have known that. Learn from my mistake and don't take for a fact everything that is said on this channel

  10. Republicans PLEADING GUILTY, PLEADING THE 5TH SETTLING LAWSUITS with tax payers money. Crimes the right commit Republicans, right media just accuse Democrats of but its Republicans all the way committing approx over 95% of actual crimes. Copy search headings on google image Indictments crimes by Presidential administration Trump pleads the 5th Eric Trump pleads the 5th Trump associates plead the 5th Trump associates plead guilty Republicans plead the 5th Republican pleads guilty Trump ordered to pay Republicans ordered to pay Republicans settle lawsuit Trump pardon Jared Kushner's Father FBI investigation of Saudi Prince 2 billion Jared Kushner deal Trump Saudis money and murder US 9/11 terrorists vs Saudi America Trump 9/11 lie Trumps deep business ties to Saudi A timeline of Trump's comments about Islam and Muslims are frightening Trump's comments about Nuclear weapons Trump admits he lied Republican guilty of lying to the FBI Republican guilty of lying to Congress

  11. The freedom caucus is not against the military. Democrats have recently spent so much money we don't have and raised the debt to the point conservatives have to consider every penny. Democrats gave more money to the Ukraine army than they gave the American military. Why!? We are at a weapons deficit now that will take years to replenish. Why is Biden depleting us? My family is in this business so I know of what I speak. Democrats are accepting sacrificing Americans to fight the lie global warming and throwing in with the WEF. Republicans will sacrifice to save this country. Period!

  12. DON'T BE FOOLED, they're ALL the same! Except for a few newbie Rs. Most of them are Masons or Jesuits and have the SAME GLOBAL AGENDA! I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm a historian. And many groups have been working together since the 40s to enrich themselves and move forward with the one world order agenda. THAT'S why they all attacked Trump. His America First agenda was a monkey wrench in their plans! Do some research on the subject instead of playing candy crush and you'll see what I'm saying is TRUTH!!! Biden just signed legislation for an ALL DIGITAL ECONOMY by 2024. So the Central Bank will have TOTAL CONTROL over everyone's finances. And cut off your bank account whenever they want to. WAKE UP & FIGHT AGAINST THIS TYRANNY!!!

  13. There you go Russ, how do you feel about Hitler then? The West has let Putin invade several sovereign states and would have let them take Ukraine too if the Ukrainians hadn't shown us that they were capable of resistance and intended to do so regardless. If you want to let Putin roll over Ukraine how about explaining why you want to do this? You are just making pointless irrelevant statements with no reflection of the choices that would have to be made.

  14. Russell, check out a guy named Scott Ritter. He's a former UN weapons inspector IN RUSSIA & former Marine intelligence officer. As well as the author of a few books. There are a few videos of his lectures on YT. I think, I KNOW, you'll learn alot and have a TON of new talking points!
    Thanks again for bringing the news that matters in the way it SHOULD BE!!!

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