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Surprise surprise – you were right about Nord Stream all along.
#russia #biden #ukraine #putin

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. it's pretty much ALL lies these days Russell.. one can pretty well bet on it. I'm so sad… it could have been such a great life, but for greedy psychopaths in charge of everything and 'common folk' either too dumb or too scared to stand up for our birthright. My old friend (died suddenly) and I spent years in deep study seeking a hopeful answer, but always ending up realizing that there was only one rationally possible answer that would work (unmentionable by law), that was highly unlikely (because of 'too dumb or too scared'), which leaves me considerably disenchanted, and frankly now relying on migrating to another dimension for any hope to die happy.

  2. The truth hurts to those who deny the fact's ! The "PINO strikes again ! Someone should amputate all of his fingers before his great finally of pushing the nuclear launch button ! God save us All ! Amen ! I Hope every one now's Jesus of Nazareth ! Mark out !

  3. It seem pretty clear the U.S. government did this. What does one do when one's leaders commit acts of terrorism? It's not like all Americans got together and chose to blow up the pipeline.

  4. I mean knowing that 'they' did it and punishing them is another story…who's going to sanction or punish USA(United Stupid Arseholes)? Knowing it just makes more and more ppl in the world to hate those m@#ther f#@kers…

  5. Russell has a beautiful perspective that is rooted in Right things – Humanity, integrity, charity & transparency. It is sometimes obscurred by his scathing sarcasm but it is good & proper.
    I might shout "RB for President" but I know he doesn't want any part of a centralized authoritarianism. It won't be easy to pull the teeth of elite interests ….but we absolutely MUST!

  6. Wars should be fought in weaponised boardrooms, where they are free to blow each other up if they want to. There would probably be no casualties as they would decide their lives were too precious. “Oh it’s okay to risk the lives of millions of our young men and women. But seriously, our own lives?”
    “No that’s unthinkable! Let’s try and work things out sensibly.”

    Then military forces around the world could focus on innovation and helping their own people with real world solutions. Like housing, food production, clean water, clean energy, caring for the environment, looking to nature for health and wellbeing, space exploration etc etc (sigh) Things could turn around in a blink of an eye, if governments were really serious about helping their own people.😊

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