They Did This On Purpose

Author Thomas Frank explains on my podcast Under The Skin how the term populism was politically recontextualised.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The media used the term, "populist", for Bernie Sanders, which was turned into something of a negative reference, so it (the term) was already warmed up and ready to serve when it became convenient to apply to Trump.

  2. Dude I love you. Why are you identifying with some ideology like this. A free thinking mind isn’t enough without identifying with and referencing it for your guide in philosophy

  3. A little to the north of Kansas here in South Dakota we began the Initiative and Referendum in 1898. A method for self governance by the people. Now we are the reddest state in the Union rated the third most corrupt and the state government figures out a way to kill every initiated measure. The population we now have keeps voting for the same leadership and we no longer are agrarian.

  4. Hi Russell, why do you publish your material on Luminary? They are owned by Amazon and force you to update your device to IOS 15 before you can use the app. I see no good reason why this basic app cannot operate on older IOS than 15, unless someone can enlighten me? I am all ears. All I can see is that Amazon want you on IOS 15 because it has some kind of feature baked into it that benefits them. This can only be to do with your data and furthering the assault on our privacy.

  5. Interesting. We learned the basic idea spoken about here but these are great details. Economy failed in 1890s leading to WWI. Richest guy, Andrew Carnegie noticed he was immensely rich and everybody else poor, so he created the idea of free public libraries and donated to that. Mark Twain also noticed the weird failure of the United States economic system. The Salvation Army for poor vagrants was, in fact, an army. "Here's a new t shirt, a musket, and three bullets! You all are going on a cruise and will see France!" After WWI, in his memoir, THE GATHERING STORM, Winston Churchill said rulers dared not tell the people the truth about the economy. He noted that WWII would occur as soon as Germany repopulated with young men/soldiers. Interesting work, RB. We love it!

  6. They have for a hundred years been holding Humanity back, at each lifting of the collective conscious the peoples awakening are "distracted" with economic disasters followed closely by wars.

  7. Populous? PEOPLE is the old Latin root word originated from…

    Populous – having a large population; densely populated.

    Synonym of the ‘population’ – having a large population; densely populated.from Late Latin populationem (nominative populatio) "a people; a multitude," as if from Latin populus "a people"

  8. 🤦 The limited nature of Gold is a positive, NOT a negative. Not having a stable anchor for the currency, combined with the existence of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, is EXACTLY why there is massive wealth division, inflation and government debt (and control) in the USA today. Do the research and see how the wealth divide split and accelerated since '71, when the Gold Window was closed.

    Additionally, deflation is EXACTLY what you want, it is the spoils of efficiency and innovation, and helps erase the NEED for debt in the first place!

  9. I think it would be of great interest to your viewers for you to talk to an Austrian Economist to explain their view on inflation, deflation, and the gold standard.

  10. The populists were right about a lot of things. But to claim to be against banks and also be against the gold standard is just down right contradictory. You're against banks, but want them to print money willy nilly? who do you think will benefit from this money printing?

    Populism got a lot of things right, but they need to take it more the rothbardian populist direction, not this socialist nonsense.

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