They Don’t Want PEACE

Here is my conversation with antiwar journalist Dave DeCamp from my live show Stay Free with Russell Brand. We discuss why there hasnt been a peace deal regarding the war in Ukraine & who might be behind stopping these peace talks. #war #russia #ukraine

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I bet a pound to a penny of shit that Larry Fink (black rock CEO) has Jewish heritage. Now Whilst you luddites class me as antisemitic for making this comment, to you folk I say fuck you for being one of Huxleys epsilon minors. Folk like you are a disease proclaiming to be the cure. My heroes are Norman Finkelstein, Bret Weinstein, Daniel Schmactenburger and a host of Jewish intellectuals.They are the best that we have in portraying truth. I don't make comments like "the Jews" yet I see a convincing correlation with the positions of financial power and the representations of jewish interests behind them. Now I understand the 8 point IQ advantages that Ashkenazi jews have over most of the population and the subsequent moves into these positions of power. It makes sense to me. What I also see however is that money in and off itself is not evil. What is malevolent are the people that are making decisions based on their love for money and the negative ramifications these decisions have on countless billions. The question are, are the Jewish people in positions of top power, who are making these decisions, over represented in the demographic and are they more likely to do what Larry Fink or Albert Bourla ,(a Sephardi Jew) and CEO of Pfizer are doing and destroy entire countries, plague the planet with criminal behaviours, to the detriment of countless lives and misery so that they can make a great profit rebuilding them or selling badly designed drugs?

  2. War is a racket. But it won't change until ordinary people stop hating each other, because all we do is fuel it. Get off social media, don't give haters any energy, regardless of how you feel about something. Drop it all, because at the end of the day we all deserve to live.

  3. Hey Russell, another informative video, many thanks.
    Did anyone watch the interview with Zelenskyy and Kay Burley? He blatantly stated he would never be in the same room as Putin, neither would he talk to him??? For a leader who is begging the world for help, money and arms, it seems he has no intention of ending this war or even trying and why would he while most countries are jumping to his every whim.
    I had previously read about Boris Johnson going to Zelenskyy about the peace offering. Who was he to interfere, it is NOT our wat.

  4. Sounds like they have done with the aftican countries. Loans upon loans never ending, just for them to take resources at a take away price.
    Am sure there is a deal for covid vaccines on loan to ukrain.

  5. Scary thing is the folk in the deep state and companies like black rock there’s no one powerful enough and rich enough to take them on except maybe the military industrial complex but I have a funny feeling they’re on the same side 😂
    The people pulling the strings behind the scenes and playing global war like a game of chess are few but they’re pretty damn good at hide and seek so good luck assassinating them.
    Even if we the people rise up it gives them the excuse to implement even tighter control.
    Wish I had a clue as to what I could actually do.
    If anyone has any ideas here’s a good place to air them!

  6. If Putin never invades Ukraine … none of this happens

    If Putin withdraws from Ukraine … all of this stops, except all the cleanup and reconstruction of Ukraines infrastructure and civilian neighborhoods which Putin deliberately targeted.

    It's all in Putin's hands, no matter how hard Russell Brand tries to obfuscate where the blame resides …. clue coming .. Putin did it !!!!

    Russell Brand … the self-proclaimed arbiter of truth and corruption … yet still giving Trump a complete pass on all of his corruption to this day. And now giving Putin one as well.

    Putin … please do Russia and Ukraine a favor … admit you failed and just withdraw your unprepared troops from Ukraine, so Russell Brand can move on to his next disinformation grift of his 6m lemmings who eagerly lap up whatever BS he spews.

  7. Ya now that there have been about 5 accidental Chinese balloons entering US air space. Also a Chinese spy satellite shooting lasers over Hawaii, nothing to see there, nope nothing at all.

  8. They are all members of the same club, playing a part. Rise above it. Really, wake up. Don’t choose sides, because they’re on the same side. Instead, recognise who is behind all of this. Who is the real puppeteer behind the scenes? I can tell you.

  9. Of course its the west, this is a Ponzi scheme of the highest level only this time its the western governments are laundering the money and splitting up the land in Ukraine for financial gain and nothing more. and they got the entire westen media and internet outlet to post Putin bad Zelensky(the puppet of the west) good. everyone had ukranian flags in their profile and billions upon billions of dollars flowed to god knows where. the only unfortunate result is the Slavic people of the former USSR are being killed on a daily basis and when all is said and done they will become the cheap labor for the western governments that put Zelensky in power. I pray for my Slavic men and women every day please be safe

  10. The United States military rarely finds itself in a conflict,
    that the general population of the West is wholeheartedly standing behind.
    Even if Russia was provoked, it doesn't matter now … "the Russians attacked Ukraine".
    That's the only information Westerners need to go all 'warmongery'. Russophobia does the rest.

    To the media and population of the West… it's a righteous war.
    Many want the US ( NATO ) to make this a hot-war and attack Russia straight on.
    They believe this is the 'right' thing to do.
    This 'perfect storm' gave the United States exactly the situation they needed.
    The US military will have to defeat the current regimes in Russia and China eventually,
    this was the perfect time to deal specifically with Russia. 
    Not since WWII has the US military been this well supported in a regime changing proxy war.

    Neoliberalism needs Capitalism to spread unheeded. Unheeded by other political systems running amok.
    The US military is playing the long game of 'defeat by attrition' and/or hoping that someone,
    will assassinate ( or depose ) the Russia president. This proxy war with no US body bags is a gold mine for the US.
    They can spin this out for years… and the original 'righteous angle' will never fade from the consciousness of the public.
    The US are not going to let this golden opportunity pass by with boring old 'peace talks'.
    The US are 'dealing' with Russia right now and won't accept anything but their defeat.
    And the placing of a pro-US regime in the Kremlin. Peace talks are not an option.

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