They Expect Us To Believe This!


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  1. Just keep reminding what a mess our country is in. That Biden himself just admitted, going as planned! CBO just released Trump's tax cuts WORKED! increase was flowing in… until Democrats keep spending money on bull like 40 Billion BILLION to Ukraine!

  2. "They don't have anything"? They have vote fraud. By the tens of millions. They have street violence. They have the entire corrupt court system. The "education" (brainwash) system. Etc. Ad nauseum.

  3. I honestly didn’t think things would be this bad right now. This country needs a libertarian as president because republicans and democrats are just spending and spending.

  4. The monkey pox disease soon to come to an area near you is what they're going to use like they did for covid-19. It's called the good old-fashioned lockdown mail in your balance only it's going to be too dangerous to come in person.

  5. Clown Show Joe and the Democrats have shown they are Anti American, and are deliberately sabotaging the country. They are the enemy within, nobody can even defend the election results anymore. Joe must go!

  6. I know many who are Democrats and they gave up on the party. As one said to me "SO they made all ruckus and they can't get even get one thing done. Trump talks a lot but at least the world respected him. Biden is a joke! You was right dude. I should have did my research on this guy".

  7. Even though you said it Being fiscally responsible compared to Democratic spending isn’t a tall order and shouldn’t be praise worthy. Trump shouldn’t be judge based on that. It’s almost like you’re accepting the left or center left paradigm. He should have kept the government closed till major spend and tax cuts where extracted.

  8. This is why I think Repubes are the problem. Jan 6 our country was stolen while we were in power. Our side did nothing about it. Now you're saying the Left better hope they have a good message or they will lose the vote? 😳

  9. This freaking government is doing its best to destroy the United States of America as quickly as possible while blaming every-damn-thing but itself! And idiots will believe the bull$hit! FJB and his handler, his minions, the RINOs, and all the dumba$$as who just go along with this purposeful, destructive stupidity.

  10. FJB, Corn Pop, Heels Up Harris, their treasonous socialist marxist communist Democrat Cartels, their Rhino Swamp puppet lap dogs, their indoctrinated brainwashed lunatic woke minions too 🤬

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