They finally banned me.

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Written by Sydney Watson


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  1. I hate that we live in a period of time where this type of thing is okay. No transparency, no outward reasoning, just vague wording and goal post shifting. Makes me really angry. I honestly didn't realize how utterly insane Patreon is. I'm okay with leaving their idiot platform behind. And, thank you to everyone who ever supported me there (and in general, you guys rule as much as lighthouses).

  2. 1:41 my jaw dropped. They deleted you off patreon for how you behaved in your life outside of it…

    That’s like Wal-Mart not letting you shop there because of what you did when you were not there. These are scary times my, fellow citizens.

  3. The only "hate speech" that I've heard from Sydney is about folks who have an unhealthy interest in pudding people – and I think most sane people feel the same about these nefarious individuals. So f— patreon…. still!

  4. Welcome to digital share cropping 😓 best advice? Set up your own website and financial donation system and content hosting on your site to minimize impact from derpy decisions like this.

  5. Fyi, this is Marxism to the core.
    Welcome to the authoritarian left.

    While they screamed fascism. They are all going marxist. The biggest issue is people are blind and ignorant to the idea.

  6. Patreon, they are very smart. Since your hate speech is 20% of all you say.
    The fact that you are contacted or In touch with the quartering, who considers armed assailants heroes, says a lot about you.

    The thing with you and others like you is that the line between common sense and alt right bullshit is many times very thin.
    Many stuff you claim to be free speech is just bullshit, and many times that bullshit is proven to be wrong many times and still say it with the "they are not telling the truth, the media controls everything, the commies and the lizardmen" blah blah blah
    You guys are as boring as commies

  7. your commercials are probably the only ones I dont skip when watching a youtube video. wish more content creators took the time to give some entertainment in their ads.

  8. FB just as bad. I reported a guy saying acab on a police page and they said it wasn't a violation. But I guarantee if I said that about BLM they would say its a violation

  9. honestly you kinda deserve this. You should have left patreon when they first started banning righties four years ago. Same with anyone on the platform that still has an intact mind.

  10. We should all be called to activism against these social media platforms with all their nebulous rules and silencing practices. We need to be vigilant about using alternative platforms that truly allow free speech. Twitter, youtube, and Facebook ,in recent months ,have gone completely overboard with their compelled right think. We need to just abandon these platforms. Let’s not budge an inch.

  11. The implication of the email is that they have strong evidence of misconduct, yet they are unable to provide this evidence, rather they would have you prove a negative. They are the ones making the assertion of truth; the evidentiary burden is on them. Having said that, this is only a logic-driven argument, there are no forces compelling them to behave logically.

  12. Not in your dictionary? Really, I had better English teachers than you? You're some two class levels above me! I'm a high school drop out. Admittedly I have a college degree but not a high school one. Neither of my parents even made it to high school; let alone out the other side. They were busy working when your precious folks were marching for free college on their backs.

    The use of English and American English is being dumbed down, stripped down, minimized, and made simple. English use is being stripped to the most often translated words. Consider this sentence; The old man caned across the floor.

    Is "caned" in the dictionary? No. Is it a properly configured use of the word "cane"? Yes. "Segragational" is a properly configured word. Welcome to the English language; it did not die in 1964.

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