They Found Peng Shuai and it’s Disturbing

The Peng Shuai disappearance has made many of us worried, and now that she has finally done a public interview, our worries just got worse…

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Twitter thread on Peng Shuai

Written by laowhy86

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  1. She probably is ok, they still havent finished killing off all the Falun Gong yet, so she is down a ways on the list
    Edit: After looking at Zhang Gaoli, I would be sick and disgusted as well. Body like old boiled cabbage punctuated by a vienna sausage that barely pokes out of a 70s bush.

  2. Just by looking at her, you can tell everything is wrong and nothing is right. She has a look on her face that is so grim to the point where if i were to see her in public i would ask if she is okay. She looks Terrified and Confused, You can even see it by the appearance of her skin on her face that she really is not doing well just by comparing it to previous photos and videos of her.

  3. On another note, I’m kind of wondering what she thought would actually happen when she made this revelation.

    I’m not for a second trying to belittle her courage for doing this but at the same time, she knows EXACTLY the type of environment she is in and the consequences of such actions. Consequences that affect not only her but also her family. This was never going to blow over just because she’s famous. Jack Ma can attest to that.

    I mean she had the opportunity to say this later while out of the country with her family at a tennis event, in a country she could claim asylum in. Just like the Russians used to do during the good old Soviet era.

    Unless she was in the middle of a severe mental breakdown while making the initial post (highly likely), this would have been a case of extreme miscalculation on her part.

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