They Just ADMITTED IT, Biden Advisor DEFENDS Record Gas Prices As Saving The “Liberal World Order”

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  1. It's a duopoly so how does it save either 'side', Liberal or Conservative.
    Acting as though those words have any reflection on reality perpetuates the bullshite agenda of the elites.

  2. How funny with everything going on people forgot that high gas prices is Paris climate Accord and new green deal. We are ment to stop all energy production like Europe did to bring the 3 Rd counties to be first world so the world can be carbon free by 2035 now that Trump put them back five years

  3. They flip dude, Democrats never wanted to take up arms against the government until Trump broke their brains, now, with the executive branch going back to Democrat, they all the sudden believe government is safe again… they're delusional .

  4. If a woman didn’t choose pregnancy but can solely make the legal decision to kill it, why the hell can a man not choose fatherhood but still not have the legal right of abandonment?

  5. Tim, every time you talk about the civil war you exhibit that you have zero knowledge of history, beyond the shitty public school education you rail against. You say you are a libertarian, but then somehow don't see that the south was fighting for THEIR liberty. You say "oh they were democrats." Well, the north was exhibiting EXACTLY the mentality that the modern democrats do today. The South was trying to preserve the republic. The North was trying to create an autocracy.

  6. Using the you're literally receiving documentation debunking or proving theories correct. Deep research eventually brings light to dark. Davos, Soros, Bilderberg.
    The Clintons had the balls to add to their
    list, last week, knowing the countries overwhelmed with evil

  7. Just go to WW2 we knew Japan moved it's fleet knew it was going to attack us. Thought they were going to hit another smaller island we owned not Hawaii,didn't know they modified torpedo to swallow water.because fdr wanted into WW2 . Why you think we hit Germany before Japan.

  8. Well do they want a New World Order to replace the Liberal World Order or do they want to maintain the current Liberal World Order

  9. your argument would be way better if you use the example with twins. because they're born minutes apart but with the lefts ideology one of them has rights and the other one doesn't. insanity

  10. Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for his great work of convincing Americans he's one of them. He's black, he cares, and by simply voting for him you've essentially outsourced your efforts of changing the world.
    He should be made to physically hand it to Jordan Peterson, who has actually progressed our society.
    Trump may have said "stand fast", but Peterson told them to take a deep breath. He physically explained their frustrations; that have no intrest in larping.

  11. All Ukraine war did was make a solid realionship between china,Russia and India they formed there own payment service and trade . America is in troble eccomey wise. Cause Saudi are mad at USA over Iran deal and will drop the Petro dollar and now our money is useless

  12. Politics 101- lie thru your teeth if it helps your party and elite interest. Every sing politicians and the elites in power will always believe lying to the public is a necessary tool against they deem worthless

  13. Better example. Mother has twins. One was just born the other identical and heathy is still inside the mother, can a mother and a doctor kill the one in the womb?

  14. Why is it being exposed? Trump came right out and told everyone about these people and that he’d drain the swamp. The swamp is NOT just DC., and Trump never said he’d be in office as it happened. Think of the optics and attacks if Trump was in office now. Instead, people are aware the elections are shattered and Biden is presiding over an acceleration of the Elites Plan…and everyone sees it. Hmmm…who could have brought it all about?
    Also, NO ONE thinks Gulf of Tonkin was a conspiracy theory…is Tim really that easily manipulated by the government? Holy sh1t!

  15. The cognitive dissonance of Tim slowly realizing he is politically a Confederate whilst constantly virtue signaling that slavery be bad is rather ironic and humorous.

    Tim himself says the historical narrative is a lie. He should start reading into the war. Just saying slavery is akin to saying all we care about is to get rid of abortion, completely leaving out judicual double standards, election shenanigans, bias prosecution, destruction of the economy, totalitarian lockdowns, coercion of people to receive a "jab", censorship of dissidents, arrest of dissidents, seizing funds and ability to bank for dissidents, etc etc etc.

    A Confederacy of Sovereign States may be the only way out from a full institutional capture, like it was then.

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