They Just Admitted This…

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Their vibe is so bad I actually had to switch off half way through! Never happened before watching a video. That is pure evil sat there 😔 (not you Russell you're lush! 😍)💜

  2. Hey Russ could you explain why your 33 tattoo is in the Scottish rite Freemasonry font. I know you said it's because you love Jesus and your life changed at around 33 but Would like to just clear it up.

  3. The ideology that these elites are following will not stop. Their soft kill tactics have been accelerating and will continue. We need to stop focusing on what they want us to, and pay attention to the resources that the world runs on. Food, energy, societal control. Peel the onion, do not allow your attention to be directed away from what truly matters. Disease will follow the food crisis that is taking shape as we all keep staring at the pandemic ball.

  4. Just separate the public from the shareholders and there you have it. Stop giving shareholders the rights and give the public back theirs. The customer's always right remember? That's the situation

  5. I want to point out the irony of what happened while watching, my phone blurped a little message at the top of my screen, it said “ childhood suicide is on the rise, here’s what you need to know” just as clause was asking about big pharma cooperation globally. I’m turning 60 this year and I’m really glad that I’m not a child and I’m actually becoming quite comfortable that my days with the human drama club are so little in number

  6. Weren’t African countries some of the least vaccinated in the world? Didn’t these countries also fare the best in the world where COVID was concerned? There seems to be a disconnect here! We didn’t hear too much about these facts from our disgusting MSM either!!

  7. It's simple, I need a few superpowers, that's all. Then I can clean up 🌎 from the rotting evil souls we have with us. It's crazy these people think they rule the world, they think they are in charge. Their bunkers will not save them, nothing will save them. Superpowers, please universe!

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