They just CROSSED THE LINE and we are fighting back | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The WEF lead governments of Europe just crossed the line with stunning arrests of political protestors. This is a dictatorial move by the Dutch government. King Charles is a longtime member of the WEF and sits in perfect alignment on the Great Reset. A judge orders Dr. Fauci to reveal secrets in a new court order. UFO threat is expanding or is the government using that as cover to expand the military-industrial complex?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. Can you imagine them saying we are under martial law because we are facing an existential threat? They are already sowing the seeds and planting the ideas in your mind. You thought the covid threat was bad. They have already been programming us with war of the worlds movies, independence day, V, aliens, the list goes on and on.

    Alien invasion we have to lock it all down. Reagans speech of unifying the world with an attack from outer space.

    My question is what kind of existential threat? Wheres the proof? And will the media silence those alternative theorists again? You can't trust this government or the media liars. Question everything doubt it all. Never trust a liar. The serpent is a deciever.

  2. Minute 41:27, it seems Redacted got the new urbanism ideas only halfway.
    The new urbanism strongly stands against the suburbs, NOT the farms or ownership. Suburbia is actually more alien to farms and independence than urban centers. Suburbia is unsustainable above all. The more spread out people live, the more expensive it gets to provide services, for people, for governments, companies. And it's a big burden on the environment, as much as environmentalists have been objected here.

    For example, real public transportation is virtually non existent in Canada and the USA. Getting a continuous flow of public transportation in areas where living units are too separate from each other is not feasible at all, as is the case in 🇨🇦 and 🇺🇸. People must have their own cars, which is expensive.

    There must be people in this movement who may oppose ownership, even if I've never heard of anyone. Ownership is not an issue in this movement, which has close to zero followers in North America. One of the few channels in the topic is Just Bikes. You'll have to endure long sermons on how Europe is so much better than North America, especially…..especially…….

    ……..especially Holland! Surprise!! BUT the channel started by making clear the Dutch weren't any better originally. The Dutch actually resembled more the old bigoted and violent stereotype of Southern USA.

  3. In relation to funds set aside to buy farms… in Australia, after horrendous flooding on the east coast, where a LOT of our food growing happens, the govt decided that they should offer to buy people's properties so that they don't rebuild. Apparently building in these 'flood zones' is not good. I think that if the weather was not manipulated, most of the floods devastating these type of areas wouldn't happen. This also pushes more people into more densely populated areas, where rental properties are already very scarce and VERY expensive. It has also pushed house prices higher making it harder to afford a home. Clearly all part of the plan!!

  4. Ever since I was a child we have been told that the world would be over populated.
    We were told there would be four people to every square metre of land. I live in Western Australia. You could put the whole worlds population in this one state. The area of WA being 25.500.000.000 hectares divided by world population 7.5 billion equals 3.4 hectares per person.
    I have no doubt that the climate is changing but I do have many doubts what the true cause is. IE: HARP.
    When it comes to fear of who in the world. I don't fear bikers or gangs but I do fear men and women who wear clothes that cost more than a months wages.
    Gerard not Di.

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