They Just Hate White People

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  1. Around 87% of the British population is white… this kind of thing will be tolerated up to the point where It's not, then It's gonna be a pretty bad time for these people

  2. It's the same in Sweden and I guess the rest of where decendants of northwestern europeans have/had communities.

    It's like we're run by people that hate us and works for our destruction.

  3. The fact that this neurotic obsession with "diversity" is being pushed even in Ireland shows that it has nothing to do with "historical injustice," it's just blind hate

  4. Hold up! Right at the start y'all mentioned white people being Murdered in a hospital in Boston for "racial eQuItY" or whatever BS. That has received ZERO attention here in the states! PLEASE do a piece on it!

    The medical profession collectively swapped out their hippocratic oath for a hypocritical oaf during Covid, and more people need to hear about how corrupt and outright EVIL these leftists are

  5. It’s funny how We all pay into the system yet They benefit from it! How about We get to say where Our Tax money goes on? I wouldn’t give these SCROUNGERS a penny!!!

  6. Same thing happened in South Africa gents. Classic example is rugby there was a time where diversity quotas nearly destroyed the sport and only recently have standards returned gone up.

  7. Remember the guy a couple of years ago who was questioned on the news about what he was going to do to help the Hispanic community and he responded by saying he “might have tacos tonight”.

    Was unaware that he got a sex change and married Joe Biden.

  8. Would it be shame if an alteration to effective fertility got shifted, from its already dismal state, to terminal decline? Say increasing excess mortality, in working age, now typical marriage and family forming age ranges. Decreased viable births. Possible even 'genomic poisoning'.
    How quickly if that were just being noticed for quarter 1, and fertility experiments, by eugenicists, are 9 months .. too late. Oh dear.

    1+1 ….

  9. Lol. So apparently after every football game, according to weird British standards, we've just been grabbing our mvp and waterboarding him! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. This is what I've feared justified racism against white people. It's on the rise and will in time devalue white people enough that coloured people will think attacking and robbing us is ok because we are less than them. In other words they're being racist true racism! openly.

  11. This is insane because the prime driver for immigration to the UK (London) is the financial success it has. This success is down to the natives and their hard work across the Industrial Revolution through to this day. Why hate those who created your dream land? Fuck with it and it’ll be gone forever.
    I had this conversation with an Indian once. They were being rude and sarcastic, saying Britain has no culture. I asked why they were here if they found it so crap. The reply, “we want what you have”. And this was my girlfriend at the time, so a sincere reply.

  12. One of the reasons I stopped caring about “anti-white” stuff is that no matter how much you want to help people you can’t save them from themselves. Many WN who were fans of my old work thought of me as non-white due to my half Sicilian heritage. There was a time when I was willing to fight for these issues. There was a time when I would have fought for these people. However, they made their choices. Very poor choices. They continue to make them now. Anytime you suggest the solution to their problems which works they either decry you as a possible fed, deliver empty threats or simply ignore you. No one wants to solve their problems. They just want to be told their problems are valid thus so are they. No one thinks past their key board anymore. The track the western world is on will continue until it collapses. If not from one thing than another.

  13. Romesh Ranganathan’s wife Leesa is from a white ethnic group! What does she think of her husbands racism, and their three sons are 50% white, what will they feel when they are older about Romesh’s anti-white comments on twitter etc….???

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