They just moved us one step closer to THE GREAT RESET

The globalist cabal just moved us one step closer to the great reset by trying to limit the flow of Russia’s gold. It’s all part of the plan to consolidated power and take mineral resources away from you.

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  1. Once the US Dollar loses the status of the world reserve currency, these G7 thugs are going to be powerless to stop the Russians, Chinese, and Indians. All three of which have purchased massive amounts of gold over the past decade. They are working together with other BRICS countries to form their own banking system based on their own currencies and commodities. The US Dollar is toast. It is not only losing it's value via inflation, it is losing it's "PETRO" backing and as Russia and China stand up to the USA, it may soon lose it's "Military" backing. I believe the Russians and Chinese have become too powerful militarily for the USA to force them to use it's banking system and currency. The sanctions they have placed on the Russians may have been the biggest GIFT they could have possibly given the Russians. Unless The Russians and Chinese are also in on the "great reset", I don't think it's going to go down like the G7 think it is. I'll be completely shocked if there is not a WW3 soon. This time, the bombs will be landing in the USA. And if the nukes start flying, we will lose "bigly".

  2. Way out of this mess is doing the opposite of how we have been trained. We are trained or programmed to live out our lives as individualistic, tribal like, materialistic, and uncritical of power.

    We can overcome this onslaught theft of our water, ancestral hard earned wealth, land, freedom, and our health.

    Unity in action is the way to overcome.

    From our janitors, to wealthy and aware CEOs we unite to simple live our lives legally, but outside of the system that has slowly poisoned us, collapsed our families, traumatized us on and on.

    We create our own systems in small communities. We build and rebuild our cities and farmland uniting with local carpenters, farmers, and supporting from a community based de centralized system that has at it's heart "we are in this together,".

  3. Something needs to be said about the farmer’s crisis in the Netherlands.
    When combined with the Canadian Convoy truckers bank accounts being frozen and the Australian government’s climate agenda the reality of it all is stunning!

  4. Please don't pump and dump your cheap stock,we both know the real value is in tangible real gold,not a flatlining gold company that you're trying to get out of,stock charts don't lie.
    I really respect and enjoy what you guys are doing here bringing us the real news,Redacted is the 2nd channel I subscribed to ever,let's keep it professional.
    Btw,I dare you to pin this comment.

  5. Not enough people especially liberals don’t or won’t want to understand this dictators goals to sacrifice the United States to enter a world government,suspended the United States constitution!!!

  6. I'm hoping the event at the Georgia guide stones was the opening salvo against the NWO by organizations opposed to their progressive agenda.

  7. I’m Leaving The Untied States! I’m Terrified Whats Coming! This Administration Has Caused To Much Problems. I Don’t Like Republicans At All. It’s Scary! I Got Family And Friends I Care About.

  8. Crazy amount of advertising , nearly half of the time, I cannot share this with non Americans as we cannot tolerate all your advertising, such a pity.

  9. Politicians bureaucrats judges big tech MSM union officials military commanders elite financial and corporate oligarchs are totally corrupt and must be driven from the face of the earth.

  10. Whatever our government or media says it's always the reverse. See the ruble is backed by gold and the dollar is backed by nothing. Toilet paper will be more useful than the fiat paper dollar. When the dollar falls completely the ruble will be the currency of choice because it's backed by gold. The Central Bank Cabal is clinging to power and the media is the lying mouthpiece and everyone knows it.

  11. I don’t know why in US people can not see what is happening? Are they waiting for other countries to safe the world? Look what is happening in in Holland ? Wake up!

  12. There will be deflation so the Banksters can buy everything cheap and then hyper inflation. So expect gold to drop between $1100 and $1500 before taking off with the following currency crash.

  13. Some legend blew up the Georgia guidestones on the 4th of July…

    Unfortunately much of it still stands but give him an A+ for trying & timing

    It's the thought that counts,
    Happy Independence Day everyone 🇺🇸

  14. Islamic prophecies the west will spend and spend to fight God but they're spending will be fruitless they will corner the market in gold and hold the world ransom but a large amount of gold will be found and they will not succeeded.. It's interesting I just hope it's true

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