They Knew This ALL ALONG

As we discover that Pfizer’s new booster shots have only been tested on animals, and contrasting advice to pregnant women on taking the vaccine STILL persists – how can we really continue to just “trust the science”? #vaccine #covid #pandemic

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The only org using Human Data was called The Dr Hadwen Trust, now called something else, sorry I forget what, but all tests are on animals, and without an effective yellow card system there's no data coming back on adverse affects. It's always been like that. Coming to light now bc of COVID-19

  2. Dicktation dicktionary, how words spells the narrative, damned down society that take sides without any 🔬🔬
    By thy stuff and thy rod , shall you be lead.
    Where are our learned 📚 friends 🔬🤔

  3. Trust the science: They need to use us as lab rats so they can improve their vaccines. We just need to go along for the good of science, to make a better future, right?

  4. It's more like Pinky and the brain, trying to take over the world.. It could be all in preparation for the magnetic pole excursion or reversal. Governments have lost the plot, crazy weather, changing or failing animal migration patterns, ground to sky lightning and so much more points to this near extinction level event. Checkout Suspicious Observers YouTube channel and website and decide for yourself. Get out of the cities, put out a garden and get chickens, rabbits and goats. learn to preserve food stuff and avoid attention of governments. I think they are worried about having to deal with a large population during the build up to this event or large groups of survivors after. Either that or they are a bunch of inept bureaucrats hell bent on tearing down existing systems to make way for a tyrannical one world system.

  5. Russell, it was good to talk to you last night, or was it you?
    We talked on Telegram and you wanted me to unsubscribe to this platform. I am sure it probably was not you and that others beware of messages that appear to be from you.

  6. They conduct expensive researches to alter human DNA to be degraded as theirs. Some people are already depraved because of other products and mistreatments in the society and the most important diseases is the pestilent capital sins that make people primal, infantile and derranged to be able to have reason or compassion. Alot of kids are born with problems of accentuated dark triads traits high potentials in them.

  7. Where is Jesus, Buddha , gurus 🤔
    Unless we wake up, individually and collectively, just like the animals to slaughter houses 🏘, we lay our lives to 👺👽 not humans with conscience.🔬

  8. i do piano warm up by playing nursery rhymes, i find a altogether over representation of mouses and mice with ditties such as three blind … hickory dickory dock… pussy cat pussy cat where have you been.. dolly is next on the list with several sheep songs but no remote controlled bull songs… New information: Ms Mousey said "will you marry me"

  9. ………………………….I cant say…..So the weather has been crazy did you know along time ago the sun spit fireballs like in mario and melted the T5ree Great pyciminds ……And The DOD is the driving force behind Internet , 5G , Vaccine , Weaponizing , MK Ultra , Ect… Why is the DOD connected to every ones IP Network On And Offline Theres my Smoke Screen Now Wonder if you want to hear if I got proof

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