They March For OUR Freedom

Filmed on Saturday 3rd September 2022

Marching through Melbourne CBD is like marching through the valley of the shadow of death sometimes – but protesters refuse to give up.


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Our responsibility is to bring coverage when Mainstream Media refuse to do so.

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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. As I view those opening scenes ,from The City of the South I'm sworn,as it were of want to say: Capt cool cat Melbourne Ground,yes: IS: Melbourne: Following, refracting: Most importantly of ALL: Leading by example in Melbourne march of rhythm: forward, onward, upward: Into liberties: TRUTHS!!!!!!!!!: YES!!!!,& in more recent times, I've grown to notice that: with, or without a soundtrack of music: His camera has a particular rhythm, whether or not intended it's catchy & infectious ( in a good way)

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