‘They might as well howl at the moon’: SA declares climate emergency

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the “seemingly sensible” South Australian Labor Premier Peter Malinauskas has just bowed to the “siren song of the love media”.

“It has become the first state government to pass through both houses of parliament a declaration of a climate emergency,” Mr Kenny said.

“They might as well howl at the moon.

“What will a parliamentary declaration deliver; will it lower the temperature, weaken the storms, improve the climate?

“It won’t do anything but signal virtue.”


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  1. I’ve been listening to this climate stuff since the mid 70s and nothing that they have said has come true maybe it’s time to put the stuff to bed and get on with real issues

  2. They're still using emergency powers they gave themselves for 9/11. That's what an emergency declaration means, more power for them. And they increase our cost of living to give money to their mates. Carbon credits/carbon derivatives are all fake financial assets. They're basically scam slushfunds and don't actually do anything. Its free money for their mates and thats all it is.

  3. I cannot work out if I am going to fry to death, the current thinking, ir freeze to death, the thinking of 40 years or so ago. Maybe there is another option I am not aware of?

  4. Idiots! One and all! Imbeciles!

    How can a labor leftist moron be anything but?

    How can the greenlabor left scum do anything but bad?

    Their fundamental politics is disgusting so their mouth politics must be ignored

    Idiots for electing them

  5. arrr, I just landed from Ireland, to address your climate emergency as opposition leader…..I'm not worried about my own homeland. why are these foriegn idiots being elected?….what's next, Taliban leader as human rights advocate?

  6. Who’s that sickly looking dweeble David Spiers I hope he’s not the SA liberal leader if he is the Libs have no hope at the next election. Nah that can’t be right he’s an Irish man haven’t met an Irish man yet that doesn’t vote labor. Can someone help me out here I’m a Victorian

  7. Everytime Labor say " CLIMATE CHANGE " our bill go up 1 percentage and our rating goes down as a country. The result of politician (salemen) selling CLIMATE propaganda for china to the world instead of doing their job in running this GOD DAM country.
    This year labor will recieve 20 million dollar from china for advertise CLIMATE CHANGE .
    You think miss wong in the pacific to stop pacific islanders from signing with china. WRONG ! She there for china together to spread the word CLIMATE CHANGE Catastrophe   propaganda to our Pacific brother .China say feed my pocket and i you will be rewarded.

  8. It's all about tracking you and controlling you through your carbon footprint tracker. Once this is in place they will dictate what you can/can't do and when. The only reason to put people on the carbon footprint tracker is to be limitted and controlled…..

  9. Resist the globalist agenda: Climate change cultists, electric vehicles only, cashless economy/social credit score, woke BS, maxines and boasters, ministry of truth, etc.

  10. The pollies, along with the climate activists, can't cite a single piece of evidence in the form of a peer-reviewed scientific study to support their outrageous climate emergency claims, which is why they dumped the 'Global Warming' emergency fear mongering, notwithstanding that we are headed for another 'Ice Age' some millions of years in the future, the only "climate change" on record!

  11. As we all know these politicians are puppets, they don’t make decisions, they are told what to do . The world is bowing down to these greenies like they are some kind of gods , the quicker we get rid of these people the better .

  12. These people know all about — our pretty small by world standards carbon emissions, but there are trillions of trees and plants in Australia.
    Do they have any idea of how much carbon is being absorbed by those trees and plants.
    In nature that is what trees do, absorb carbon and give off oxygen
    That's why sleeping with a Wood fire with no chimney in your house will kill you, Burning wood releases all the carbon trees have absorbed into the room.

  13. Emergency climate change orders, allows politicians to allow the &United Nations to come in supposedly to fix the problem. Apparently emergency orders of any kind give politicians powers they wouldn't normally have.

  14. I've been waiting for Peter Malinauskas to show his colours after being swept into power on the back of a failed progressive liberal government, and now it's starting to show that he's just another rat with a gold tooth

  15. Why politicians are talking about climate change? There is only one reason for that. They want to get attention desperately from people. But they will never be able to stop climate change. I wonder what made people think that we can stop climate change.

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