“They Must Think We’re STUPID!!” Kamala Harris’s Video Fail

Vice President Kamala Harris has been heavily criticised for her appearance in a new video with children about space exploration, when it was revealed that the children used in this video were paid actors…
#KamalaHarris #NASA #ChildrenActors

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. For Harris to just go along with this fake set-up right in public view says that she knows and accepts that she was hired as an actress (albeit a bad actress) for the role of Vice President. Americans had better wake up and figure out who is writing the script – before it's too late.

  2. I find your criticism of this vice president's awkward video discussion, to be really pathetic on your part and your continuing attacks on the president to be as annoying and unsettling. He and she are doing the best they can given the dynamics of the completely dysfunctional liars from the repugnant republican opposition!

  3. Liberals like Russel Brand must be thinking; "Wait, wait, something is very wrong when I'm sounding like a conservative because I'm talking common sense. I'm too young to sound conservative. This is so wrong"

  4. I love you Russell because you have such a brilliant mind. Please check on the NASA website about an asteroid that is set to impact earth on 13th of April 2029. At this point the only thing that will concern mankind is survival. This asteroid will cause Sunamis and volcanic eruptions that will destroy humans that have not made Jesus Christ and his blood their salvation. 🇬🇧

  5. you know for people who call themselves progressive Biden and Harris ain't doing shit, Biden issued executive orders in the first days of office and appointed a trans secretary of health i guess and i sincerely haven't heard shit from any achievements of Harris, Biden had that disastrous retreat but that was planned before he was in office and was made worse by him ignoring advice from his military advisors but for all the progressive bs they spout it's been almost a year and nothing was done … just stagnation in the nation 🙂

  6. Why is she speaking to a group of mature teens like they are 5 years old? “My mom was a ‘sci-EN-tist’.” Like they’re going to struggle with the word.

  7. Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the Globalist media establishment intent on re-engineering society into its alchemical opposite, unleashing the destructive forces of cultural Marxism.

  8. I always think it's so hilarious what "kamala" means in finnish, I'm a Finn born and raised here in Sweden and it means terrible, abysmal, dreaded, evil etc speaking about life's irony 😂

  9. I've only just started watching your videos and am slowly working my ways through them. I'm enjoying most of them. I hope that they go back far enough into the previous administration so that I can see you mocking all of the bullshit that was trump/pence. Hopefully you aren't a hypocrite. Keep on keeping on.

  10. Russell has a brilliant comedic mind!! He sees past this pathetic display of propaganda obviously meant to distract from bad job performance in the White House and somehow made it absolutely laugh out loud hilarious! I for one I'm so grateful for this moment of levity! What a beautiful thing! What a rare talent!!

  11. Cubans call her…Kamala LA MALA…her smile is totally false like a hyena in distress..🤣
    Biden is going to be out of the political game very soon, if he keeps farting in public and loosing his head. And then she will get the presidency of the USA. Communist America job done! God help us!
    Love you Russell..good job man. PATRIA Y VIDA!

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