They Now Want $2.75 Trillion from Alex Jones – Is This Real?

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In this video I react to new developments in the Alex Jones trial – that the families are now seeking up to $2.75 trillion in damages.

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Written by JP Reacts


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  1. I am the only person who sees reality. Alex jones did not say word one about afganstan when it was happening. The only way that happens if he is the "controlled opposition" Then his lawyer sends all their info to the prosicution, and alex doesnt ask for a mistrial, and he doesnt get a new lawyer. The only way that happens is if this is all staged. This is staged with an actor who wont fight back, to scare people into thinking they will owe trillions if they speak their mind. This is all staged. It is all a lie.

  2. I am close to being a free speech absolutist. I feel that, short of active calls for violence, you should be able to say what you want. But that is the responsibility I choose to take upon myself: i.e. to be able to listen to someone say something I disagree with or frankly, despise, but still control myself to maintain a civil discourse. The problem is: I can't necessarily extend this principle of self control to everyone equally. Not everyone is able to hear something controversial or provocative, critically analyze it and maintain a peaceable response. A proportion of Alex's audience took everything he said as gospel and uncritically acted upon their rationale of the "facts" he presented. I love Alex. I treat him as Infotainment and use his paranoid rants as jumping off points for my own investigation. Most of what he says has a thread of truth, but it's spun into a conspiratorial yarn to attract viewers and almost never are his interpretations of the data as dire and malevolent as he makes them out to be. In fact, oftentimes, he's just flat out wrong – like Sandyhook. But I can't blame certain people for taking what he says as unvarnished truth if they don't critically analyze it or have the intellectual capacity, time or resources to do so. I want an equal standard of free speech, but we are not all equally capable of handling a truly free discourse. Some of us will get in a froth and end up doing horrible things – like the Sandyhook harrassers – simply because we are following our best understanding of the facts available to us. Ultimately how we choose to respond to our understanding is a matter of personal choice and temperament, but if, for example, you are sincerely convinced that the elites are pedophile lizard people drinking infant adrenochrome to commune with demons in blood-orgies, then the most rational response to this belief is to stop them by any means possible. The difference between someone who believes this position and acts on it and someone who doesn't is purely based on their standard of evidence – and standards, just like people, are not all the same.

  3. AJ was not the only media person questioning the Sandy Hook event. Now that the DHS has been caught officially colluding with media to censor information that reveals truth — is it not reasonable to consider the government capable of staging fake events, especially in light of Operation Northwoods and 9/11?

  4. We the people have collectively decided that Alex Jones can ignore this verdict entirely, as it is a gross misrepresentation and abuse of the American justice system. You dont have to pay this fine or acknowledge the ruling in any manner whatsoever, we the people have decided.
    I mean seeing as the verdict itself is obviously nonsense only intended to destroy Jones, and clearly not to actually repay any alleged suffrage caused by Jones. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Here's the issue…there is a number beyond which they will never get a dime. If my net worth is $5 million, and you fine me seven quadrillion dollars…I'm just gonna shrug and laugh saying "ok." Cause you will never get it all. If you sentence me to death by being locked in a box with 100 live grenades…I'm gonna be dead by the time the second one goes off. The other 98 are absolutely meaningless…unless the purpose is to instill fear in others.

  6. This is yet again another indirect proof that the "real event" was a "hook"er… Named "sandy"…and that they are using him as a warning to all of those who know…and as an example for those who cant see it OR havent even really studied all of the footage and facts surrounding these type of events.

  7. Does this mean we can sue all the crazy liberals that lied about Covid because they’ve caused an enormous amount of damage and death. The people doing this lawsuit are evil so is the judge handing out these kind of sentences it’s just sick and evil what else can you say around people that think this way . Preacher PaulD

  8. What judge would even entertain something so blatantly frivolous? Obviously he can’t pay that amount. No man could reasonably be expected to pay that amount. That’s greater than the GDP of India FFS. Just such a bad faith request.

  9. I personally feel that Sandyhook and these trials are both fake .. Don't overlook the obvious.. The power that is has always controlled both sides of any movement. They polarized people's beliefs at will ..😐

  10. Boy oh boy JP you are in real big trouble anyone can tell you are a thinker! I don't think though they will give any slack either just for having some little forgetfulness like getting a hair cut for the show, Ha!

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