“They Outright LIED!!!” Joe Rogan EXPOSES CNN & Don Lemon’s Rebuttal

As Americans’ trust in media dips to the second lowest on record, could CNN’s coverage of Joe Rogan’s Covid medication serve as an example as to how this has come to be?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I very much appreciate your open mindedness. It’s restored a bit of faith in humanity and classic liberalism. People need more voices that speak truth, from all corners of the political spectrum. Thank you

  2. The only reason that the public has tried the horse de-wormer version of Ivermectin is because the media has talked up the horse de-wormer. Rogan is a rich man and can afford human grade Ivermectin. The media is responsible for any deaths from people using the wrong version.

  3. I must be really stupid since I can’t comprehend the criticism. If there’s a drug that’s been around for 50 years, been diagnosed to millions of humans with little to no deaths, and can help treat a serious illness as well as make symptoms much more bearable; why fight it’s use?

    Oh, wait. Pfizer is propping up this network. CNN employees are whores.

  4. We need people to take their OWN sides to task. We need those on the right stop letting Fox cynically use them as product to be stoked and manipulated, and those on the left to do the same thing with MSNBC and CNN. Corporate media doesn't want to inform, it wants to sell, inflame, and divide. We all need to recognize that money doesn't care about left and right beyond the key point that angering everyone into camps of "left" and "right" fuels profit. I'm 100% down with Russell Brand. Screw MSNBC, screw CNN, screw Fox, none of them care about their audiences beyond how these audiences can be manipulated into $$$.

  5. Media has agenda right now and payouts and bribes. I have 0 faith in Media of any country atm. My best source are people/individuals, otherwise its hard to find truth.

  6. Russel is becoming someone that I can see changing history. Could be history of journalism, politics or whatever, but I see that his work is changing the human race. Opening our eyes, wakening the better part in our soul. An none of the less, his English is phenomenal 🙂


  7. Information-Based Control has a few main ways to be used:

    1) Outright Lies
    2) Omission of Information
    3) Twisting The Truth (Inserting fiction to create favorable opinions
    4) Indirect insinuation of a thing (e.g Advertisement etc)
    5) Hiding Something by Covering it with Something Else

  8. I’ve not trusted the media in years .
    Our media framed the riots all
    Over the USA as protests . But, January sixth capital. Riots as a attempted government over through . It was the same damn thing . People were rightfully angry things that were going on , VHOOSING to act Crazy.
    Never really been a fan of you. That is changing. You’ve came a long way . Well done

  9. Why is anybody listening/watching this crap? I thought Russell Brand was smarter then this. Joe Rogan is an imbecile saying the things he says to be controversial thereby staying in the spotlight and thereby getting more sponsors for his garbage show and, of course, more bottom line, more money…

  10. I'm enjoying your take on our American media, you can see this in other countries. Each push their agenda much like the Republicans vs Democrats.
    Have you been watching the Rittenhouse trial?? Would be interested in your take on how CNN and MSNBC have spun this 18 year old.

  11. I believe most people aren’t prepared to ask why. Why does an article say this? Why do they want me to think that? Why does that news channel not report this? Most people don’t want to consider there are two sides to every story and investigate those alternative views. Audiences too easily take everything they see and read at face-value without considering the bias of those media outlets and therefore don’t realise how easily their opinions can be manipulated. If more people asked why, they’re more likely to understand the bigger picture of the stories they’re consuming.

  12. Everybody who understands knows CNN means Clown News Network. They report their narratives. Not facts but narratives based on their leftist woke feelings. Now the free thinker (anti media) Trump has been removed they push ever harder to enforce their propaganda. This has all been reported in the great novels of George Orwell.

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