“They Planned It All Along”

Did you know that the WEF were talking about digital IDs back in 2016, 4 years before the pandemic?! Nick Corbishley, author of ‘Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean The End of Privacy and Personal Freedom’ tells us more…

Nick’s New Book: Scanned –

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. In other, similar ID2020, GAVI documents they had identified the perfect age for people to be brought into the ID system using whatever means (vaxc), so that the system was seen as normal and people were integrated into it early and easily. That age… 5 years old. So the plan was ALWAYS to inject kids, so they'd become part of the system early

  2. Heard about this in a book in 1989.. parents use to order these books , once a month on the future, science, religion, fuel crisis .. and so much more..
    Geeezus I wish I’d kept those books.! I can recall some stuff.. and they have happened..
    The fuel issue would be fixed by using body waste…
    ‘Urine ‘..
    Cow 🐄 shit/ Patties is used as a fuel!
    So perhaps our now overloaded toxic bodies can Pee and start the car 🚘..
    Ok so it’s a bit more complex than how I’m playing with words.. but it would totally make sense…
    If it happens I said it here .. the books had a grape purple
    Cover.. they were a set..
    Also all was stated as evidenced based!!

  3. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this; but having seen this episode of Russel Brands episode on the Digital ID/passports, it seems like the pandemic was purposely created as a means to serve as an “excuse” ushering in everything we’re experiencing. Trudeau tried to pull off digital/vaccine passports, but the truckers fought back. Trudeau also, has been recorded as referring to the pandemic crisis as a “unique opportunity,” and that “one has to take as advantage of the situation.” Who’s to say that all these bio labs that are located all over the world have not all been simultaneously developing these viruses, releasing them at the right moment, then usher in more forms of mass control. I used to think 9/11 was a sudden-freak-occurrence. That was, until I saw Building 7 “collapse.”

  4. Keep Red Pilling. Read Schwab's books. Look who is part of the WEF.. they are our enemies. There are some shockers on WEF list: Tulsi Gabbard and Dan Crenshaw are both WEF darlings.. Schwab approved!!!!

  5. A good glimpse of this new world was unveiled in Canada. Many of us watched countless live feeds and could actually witness the media machine blatantly lying and the division it created. Knocking on doors for a simple comment made on Facebook was filmed in action. Arresting those who had every right to Be there. The charter was thrown out. Rights no more. Seizing fuel, seizing bank accounts. Pandemic and vaccines aside. Throw all that out. The fact that your government, corporations and Media have aligned themselves is the antithesis of Fascism. Yet! When you protest the, hit words come out like Nazis, fascists, terrorists, white supremacy, at surfaces at those fighting against lost rights… The perfect reverse psychology.

  6. Ohh gosh 🤦🏽‍♂️… where to start.. I'm aware of all the current events right at the announcement of lockdowns. Why? Because of my monkey curiosity (yes, I have the bug) I felt very wrong and kind of nonsense the measures AND STRATEGIES used to implemented: a plan without a plan … I explain, from the start (until today, 3 years later!!!) no plan to adress the people with preconditions , no message in what to do PREVENT and treat the issue, etc, etc. God, because with a simple internet search about imunitary system plus what I already know and the data available ( numbers of deaths by flu every year, the previous SARS (we barely noticed, vague news…) 0.3% or around that of death rate.. easily would find out that BASIC measures would be enough to deal with the situation. With pleasure open to tell, but would be a lecture.. therefore wall looked and smelled like a great scam, an insane scam. God it's so evident! Maybe because I don't watch TV and snob social media…who knows…
    So that was the motive for my curiosity (the monkey..) and knew in advance what would happen now and 1, 2 years ago. Yep, we're going for 3 years. I guess until all on point (people, societies) to implement the REAL plan were approached in the video this dark wave will not go away.. As I said some societies are already kind of on point: New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Austria, France, Canada, just to name a few.
    The thing with this "18" for me was a BIG SLAP in both face cheeks! Like WAKE UP MAN! Yes, I was like every body else living my existence… not that I was not aware of many strange things in society but didn't care deeply. Sort of. Well this situation, BECAUSE THE SOLUTION IS SO EASY AND OBVIOUS, was impossible to not be noticed from the beginning if I don't know people was in other state of mind.
    I mean that the problem is worse than looks when regards in how we react! Feel very negative with what I see every day on society. And I don't want to feel like that because I'm a positive person. But honest with what I see and don't look good. Societies are more ignorant and programmed than ever…maybe because the on point situation. Others need offer more resistance, need more time. Unless extraordinary events facilitates the execution of the plan sooner. We still are in 22 , 7 years behind the time line for the plan be global.
    Good job ( citizenship maybe) Russell. You're an interesting person.

  7. Russell ….Its a predicament!?? When does one, after gaining so much information from all sides make a stand for what is right and are counted.
    Obviously the Davos co signatories have drawn
    their lines in the sand and those that oppose are on the other side

  8. Digital biometric IDs have been talked about for decades…Only the asleep don't know about it…And the morons are actually for it…The elites have started a war and focused it on the whole planets population…It is a foolish idea and they will pay dearly for their hubris…The revolution has already started and their is no propoganda about Russia and Ukraine or any other war to make us forget what these 🤡 have done…Stay awake and pay attention the tsunami is coming in🥳🥳🥳

  9. The digital tracking of cattle is commonplace. That is what we are to Internationalists or Globalists. People are no longer citizens, property is owned by the state, we the people are mere inhabitants, residents with no skin in the game. Therefore, we are bargaining slave chips, not self-determining, free agents, to control our individual destiny.

  10. Check out agenda from Bilderberg 2019 Conference held in Switzerland; some topics on the agenda include:-
    China, Russia, The future of Capitalism, and several other items. Bilderberg Group should be investigated…… again, a group of 'Elites' deciding our future

  11. So Klaus Schwab DID CREATE the Coronavirus!! I knew Davos was behind Covid-19! So, I think I've got this right.. Bill Gates bought a ton of farmland, so he could cultivate animals that are able to contract Covid… Simple enough.. He sent a lump sum to Epstein, who was the middleman between Gates and Pfizer… Epstein pays off Pfizer– Pfizer then refuses to release the patents… No patent release = less vaccinated people in foreign countries = we get to blame poor brown people for being vectors of disease… All according to plan so far… So, while they're blaming low vax rates in Africa, Fauci has been working on the subsequent variants…. So there WAS no mutations, Delta was just the 4th Monster of Doctor Faucinstein.. So while Fauci is making Delta, Mu, Lambda and Omicron, Jeff Zucker from CNN was PAYING Mark ZuckerBERG to censor any "misinformation" about Covid-19, and the Cuomo brothers were at the brink of UNCOVERING this Conspiracy, and that's why they conveniently fired Fredo, and got Mario or Luigi or whatever his older brothers name is to resign from being the governor. The #MeToo Organization then takes the momentum and pushes it further onto any and everyone with counter opinions, from Chappelle to Rogan, whether it's about Covid or not just to say "Only trust us.."

    Klaus (WHO'S A REALLY BAD SANTA KLAUS TO BE HONEST…) Schwab THEN takes the money from Alphabet, who owns Google, who owns Youtube, who have been salty ever since Rogans departure, and he wires that to the Biden Administration to lobby Trudeau.. Trudeau uses that money at one of the finest barbers in Canada, and perfects his hair which convinces 70% of the country and 100% of Wine Mom Liberals to accept anything he does as altruistic because good-looking people, IN GENERAL ARE OBVIOUSLY some of the most kind, sincere, and moral people… He takes that trust and implements the Emergency Act in order to not only crush dissent, but also because he's been paid to be one of the "Kickstarter" companies for Vaccine Passports, and Truckers protesting that is BAD FOR BUSINESS…. Which, still leaves loose ends…

    You're probably wondering "Well how the HECK do Ghislaine Maxwell and HUNTER Biden tie in to this??" …… Exactly… THAT'S what we need to find out.. Now, Hunter ABSOLUTELY has something to do with President Zelenskyy, or the Azov Battalion, AND MAYBE BOTH…but until we can follow the money, it would be negligent to gin up conspiracy theories without verifiable proof, like the former things I mentioned already have.. Ghislaine Maxwell? That's the one I think we need to look into the most…

    The question we need to be asking is "What is it that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean Luc Brunel know/knew (respectively) that would make them targets of the WEF? WHAT do they know about the lab leak theory, WHAT do they know about the vaccines, WHAT do they know about hidden trial results from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc? Were they just snooping too much? Or did they HAVE the information bomb, that if dropped, would nuke the "Great Resets" agenda?? Were they planning on releasing the info?? Does "Financial Mogul" Jeffrey Epsteins "Little Black Book" contain the full money trails, and all connections between the people behind this?? Does it say how Tom Hanks is involved in this? Does it mention Chrissy Teigan and her role? These are the questions that we need to start asking now….

  12. Most of those in power are part of a secret society sec. that some people are not aware of. Prime minister or presidents is chosen by those societies. Blessings be at peace ➕

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