They promised no vaccine mandate. They lied.

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Written by GOP


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  1. And yet the GOP simply makes a YouTube video about it while most elected Republicans make some wishy washy tweets. This feckless lack of backbone has come to be stereotypical of the GOP. Make no mistake, Constitutionally minded voters, those of us who love our Republic, are going to rip these worthless jellyfish out of elected positions.

  2. GOP trying to show us they are doing something. You hold seats while the DNC holds power even if your the majority. You'll continue to do nothing. Trump couldn't get anything done because the Left would block him by any means possible. You haven't stopped or even tried stopping Biden on anything. You are just as much to blame for the downfall of this Republic.

  3. Complaining about Biden in a fundraising letter or YouTube video is not enough. Show us that you really want to defend our civil rights and file articles of impeachment. Whining is not enough. Lawsuits are not enough. IMPEACH him now. Arming the Taliban with U.S. arms is treason. Violating citizen's human rights by requiring a controversial medical procedure is against the law. The time for talking is over. It's time for you to take action or you are part of the problem.

  4. There must always be opposition to advance, with that said, history is proof that violence begets more violence when the right fails to wrangle, stockade and expell those that dont belong. When 100% effort is not observed to stop injustice, equality of, in the vast asylum, is conveyed, consigned and acclimated.

  5. A mandate was the agenda all along. When people start to learn the truth and it effects the $ rolling in, it changes the game. The administration is invested, all in on this and have no problem lying to us all no matter how many people die for their profit.

  6. If the Dems could get a legal injunction on all of Pres. Trumps exec. orders, why can’t the GOP? Why do you keep asking me for money when You do exactly nothing of benefit for me or the country?

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