They Really Expect Us To Take This Seriously! It’s A Scam!


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  1. Merrick Garland committed FELONIES himself in the Oklahoma City bombing !!! The demo's DO NOT WANT Trump to run in 2024 , and this is a desperate attempt to keep him from running !! The DOJ and the FBI have turned into the German Stasi !

  2. If you believe these two women are conservative, I’m having a coast to coast bridge sale!!! Get yours while supplies last!

    Btw your thumbnail reveals why this woman has made it as far as she has….looks like she could take it to the sack.

  3. never argue with these idiots…they will only drag you down to thier level of idiot….and beat you with experience …. To paraphrase Einstein…..the difference between idiocy and the universe….the universe has limits.

  4. It's a good thing garbage like the view is completely irrelevant other than as material for contemptable mockery and ridicule and a gage for how clueless and absurd the degenerate would be mind control corporate counterfeit culture has become.

  5. Sorry, had to shut this off, nothing against Liberal Hivemind, but the hypocrisy now is designed specifically by the mainstream media to attempt to activate the enraged, average, law abiding Patriots!
    That, is fact!

  6. "I stand with Cassidy Hutchinson."
    What, the same Cassidy Hutchinson who tried to peddle a second-hand (and denied!) fantasy about Donald Trump fighting Secret Service agents, like Captain America in the elevator scene, and grabbing the wheel to turn his motorcade around on Jan. 6???

  7. What is the definition of credible, they also described the batshit crazy woman who falsely accused Kavanagh as a credible witness. Just assume everything they tell you is the op3

  8. The View why is that still even a thing. Ratings are still horrible. Media is on life support from someone. Soros types draining their accounts to keep these failing outlets afloat. Even Fox is a 💩 hole.

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