They RINOs MUST BE STOPPED. Senate Republicans Calling FOR A WAR The American People DONT WANT.


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  1. The $14 Billion that has been passed through Congress for “Ukraine” is just a kick back for the money lost from Putin putting the boot in on corruption in that country. It’s just being replaced with American tax payers money.

  2. At first i was all about Ukraine. Now I’m more on Russias side. Something just ain’t right and it feels weird. Learning more about NATO and Ukraine and warnings. We all predicted war would happen when Biden got in office. We will be in full blown war by election time to push people to vote for him again since Americans don’t like to vote out presidents in the middle of the war. Propaganda is at full tilt and we can feel it. Even Replublicans are chanting war it seems. So this all just feels wrong and i think AMerica is guilty for provoking it in my gut.

  3. The emotional side od me says let's go kick this jerk's ass but the rational side of me says maybe we should secure our own border before we worry about someone else's border. Money better spent here than abroad. Our first President was a war hero but said we should stay out other countries wars we should take that path because like you mentioned when we get into others conflicts we lose and lose bad

  4. Those mktherfuckers just wanna bathe in the warmblood of our youth. I'm afraid our very young 250 year old empire might not survive this presidency and if it does it will take over a decade and a miracle to fix.

  5. You are right —media is working overtime to promote war in Ukrain they should buy an ar and flak jacket and fly over there and join the conflict then report back on how much fun they are having -Europe is being red pilled by Putin The EU should enact their own 2ND Amendment

  6. If you want to know what is really going on read the Bible this has been happening for many years Satan is taking over that means Jesus Christ will be coming back soon better get ready

  7. So evil and so inhumane! Why would wish harm upon others? You can't destroy everything just so you can get what you want! No matter how much money a person has! This world will never succumb to such evil!

  8. all elected officials need to represent the people who voted for them. its not a green light to do anything they want. the base doesn't want war, or giving our money and people to the war machine so they should stop.

  9. Thank you!!! I haven’t even got a position on the Ukraine conflict cuz i can’t. get any reliable info, no real understanding of this conflict. i look to independent journalists like you to help me cut thru the bullshit and give me a sliver of truth. something I can actually comprehend, cuz reading between the lines is not an actual

  10. This is the one time where we may disagree on some of these things. This is not just a border dispute, but it’s much more involved and can’t be discussed quickly.

  11. Oh, it is all about the money … but it's about the traitors' money first. If Putin begins to drop the goods on Brandon, Kerry, Pelosi, Romney, and – certainly – many others less well known and in both parties … the Normies might wake up to why we suddenly have to defend Ukraine's borders.

  12. … and then, just like that … white people had a right to their own nation … even if 1 in 5 was an actual Nazi … amazing. But we still don't have a right to defend our nation. Think about it.

  13. Many of the republicans like Mitch McConnell are just of big of traitors to the American people as anyone in the democrat party. It's time for a big change to the republican party. Why do you think so many of them hated Trump? Because he wasn't afraid of calling the traitors out as they deserve, ALL OF THEM, especially the swamp creatures in the GOP. I say lock em ALL up!. Fauci, Biden, Kamala, McConnel, Graham, Pelosi, Hillary. LOCK THEM UP! The American people are SICK OF THIS SHIT. Bunch of war criminals, pedos and thieves!

  14. 📣 Shout Out to JAB23- 👍🏼. But remember; I did NOT Vote for these Current “Heads-of-State”! THEY couldn’t find their own Butts, unless some Bribe 💰or Insider-Trading Tips were between their Pasty/Aged Cheeks!
    * 🦏 RINOs are; Quicker than BAD NEWS! Dangerous, Have NO Loyalty or Conscience, Kill OTHER Animals Babies to feed themselves!
    ——🤔But a lot of Blame to go Around. PRESIDENT TRUMP 🇺🇸👍🏼Before Leaving, should have GIVEN Putin: California, Lost-Wages In Nevada! Bronx, Chicago,Brooklyn,ALL the “COMRADES” States & Cities,for Signing a Pact NOT to Strong Arm ANY Nation for 20 years, and Trade an Oil Tanker’s worth of U.S. Grain …( BEFORE Bill Gates buys Those States & Farming Too-add them to the 3 he Already Bought!) for a Few Russian Platoons to Secure OUR Southern Boarder! 2 Birds with 1 Stone! 🚨And I’m well positive that the NKVD if here would Also have “Disappeared” any 🦏 by now! So…. God Bless, Keep the Faith & Keep your Powder Dry! 👴🏼NoBody.( Ah Darn! Throw in Queens NY for Good Measure!)

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