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  1. When do we drag the oligarchs and the parasitic politicians to firing squad lineup? All this bloodshed, mayhem, 24/7 surveillance and outright paranoia on their part so that they can keep tabs on working people's have money so they can steal it so that they don't have to work. Euthanize them all and put them out of their misery…and ours.

  2. You kept using "sociopathy" when generally describing "psychopathy". Sociopaths are simply incapable (to whatever degree) of experiencing emotions, but can still be very empathetic and sympathetic to others.

  3. False Hydra Brooke Ranger's Heart
    She Was Made to Stay in Elevator to Fall in Love W/Him
    My Boyfriend is my Sister's Enemy
    #WaronDavid Warrants Goal Manufactured Changes to Betray Ardyn at every checkpoint: Changed Names and Appearances to Switch how its seen.
    Propaganda; imprisoned Demons changing Guard, when it doesn't without subjufuge, Releasing them against Ardyn, knowing they'll destroy their Children: Greed to seize Crown.

  4. There is no going back, our society is doomed as it was, it's already gone. There is no way we can go back, unless, we have a massive disaster, nuclear war, asteroid impact, emp that kills the grid for the next 50 years, as long as we have electric we can never go back.

  5. You shall be known by who you associate with, shows who he is. You can accept them, they have a right to live, you love them like Jesus says, but you can't be friends with them, you can't "like them as a person".

  6. My Ma was struggling and on the dole. Her house was caving in, so we fixed it and I bought her a convertible RX7 (which she killed after a year and a half). She’s dead now, but she loved that car.

  7. It's because the Mind Control is in the Shampoo! It soaks into your scalp and is the reason Seltzen Blue tingles.
    and Welfare Queens are real, Chevron, Exon, Monsnto, Pfizer…

  8. 19:14 Ffs, draw your line on issues: if a klansman says he wants to work with you to free assange, YOU FREE ASSANGE and then separate yourself from the klansman. You'd let an innocent man and a hero rot because of the optics? It's not that big a leap to go from that to opposing worker rights because a trump supporter is in favor of it, and that's where we are now. Principles are principles regardless of who you find standing next to you, otherwise they're just hobbys. What the actual fuck?

  9. SUNY/CUNY, in New York state, were both tuition free until the Mid-1970's. Then Democrats took it away, and never looked back. Now tuition is about $20,000 a year for a mediocre state school.

  10. I use to google the US financial pie and found that welfare was one of the smallest slices, but now they have changed all of it. I don't believe what I see because military has a very small slice, but we know that isn't true, it should and is, the largest slice. Education sucks. We are so below the rest of the world on education, don't know why people are so proud to be American – – – we're stupid!!!

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