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Written by Modern Renaissance Man

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  1. I KNOW you try to be non-political. That put's you at a disadvantage with YouTube. They can give you a strike without a reason, and unless you are willing to spend $$$$ in legal fees…they can walk over you. I think you know what is going on is not racial…that is the front. It is political. I would encourage you to get in contact with other channels that have the same views and problems you have. If you band together, and take advantage of resources larger channels have…you can fight, and win.

  2. It's the Corporate Police State Nazis. If they can destroy an outstanding presidential candidate (Tulsi Gabbard) they can destroy you and me. The knee on the neck of a black man is a metaphor for the economic ruination of all working people in the country, and the crushing of dissent by the LSBM (Lame Stream Brainwashing Machine). Right on Ty, we support you 100%. Remember, Google shut down Tulsi because she is a Star.

  3. thank you for what you do. I've been watching you for awhile and enjoy your video's. They want us divided its how they get power over all of us. We are not natural enemies.

  4. @Modern Renaissance Man I thank you for making these videos. And you know….Out of all the topics one could bring up….God and Jesus Christ are the most dangerous to the ones who have a agenda to keep the human population stupid, ignorant, and selfish. And therefore enslaved and in hell. Only through God/Jesus can we turn our lifes around individually. And we dont all have to become pastors. One person may use his knowledge of law to be a Good honest lawyer and spread God to the corrupt court system, and another might use their gift of music to spread positiveness and the message of God to the world. But it is important that we all recognize who we are, and who God is/and who He is In terms of our relationship/connection. Once we give up ourselves(our selfish desires and pride) and seek to do the WILL OF GOD (which is the good for all mankind) ,We can no longer be blinded and enslaved by this worlds ( its evil leaders) tricks. Once you give up yourself, you let GOD work through you, You enter heaven on earth, you find Ultimate peace, purpose, and joy. Thanks again brother, much love. In Jesus's name Amen!

  5. They are censoring you cuz you’re not race baiting we are all in this together if you were hating whited they would love you the while Floyd thing is staged I love you greetings from Canada ??

  6. Keep being who you are along with your INTEGRITY!!! You're Smarter than these Bully Cowardly Sheeple!!! Try looking at some of these incredible dumbass late night so called "comedians " such as : Steve Cobert. & Seth. All they do is politicallize lies regarding Trump. Along with stupid teachers. Thats why you're getting oppositions. It's False left Agendas that blame YOU for what THEY'RE Doing!!!

  7. I hear people say that this is not happening and that we are alarmists and that is true. We need to sound the alarm as to what the agenda is. I have listened to many people like you are saying the same thing. God is still on the throne and surely he will bring him righteous judgment to the earth. He will separate the goats from the sheep and the wheat from the chaff. He does not slumber. Be vigilant because we know not when he comes. God bless and be strong.

  8. Good brother!!! These actors are all tied together. Its called the Deep State. They want one point of view and narrative alone. Divide the people and conquer them. We are Spirit having a human experience. These actors are tied to the military industrial complex. They will INVENT charges against the TRUTH. They do this around the you not think for one moment they will do this to us. We have mediocre insecure individuals in power. Keep on speaking good brother.

  9. Don't worry, you have so many supporters you can't believe it. The reason I subscribed was because of you. You are a great American and great person

  10. I'm gone said this….. There people put out of jobs for racial things and too many people are celebrating.. I'm not think there are wright Well I get news… If this is allowed is a precedent and nobody knows for What reason in the future take the same actions for a reason that you think is impossible

  11. Been happening to me on FB and YT. They have shutdown people for their opinion and say it is misinformation!! Keep the faith. You have not done or said anything wrong. You are a wise reasonable man. Hard to believe this America. More like some communist country with censorship. SMH

  12. i am a Christian, but I am also a combat veteran. So I have two sides to bring to the table, and neither one is going to run or hide. I will be vocal, and I will praise God, and I will defend me and mine to the death…

  13. if the Mainstream MOB doesn't like what someone says? You're shut out and shut down. They don't want us to come together. It seems they want to keep us all in categories and separated.Our morals are in serious jeopardy. No too many followers for someone GOOD like you scares the crap out of the MOB. The MOB is the media. They want control of what we see, hear and say…we all have to stand up NOW or our freedom of speech will be a thing of the past. Everything you are saying is so true….don't ever stop! We need more truths as we are not getting it from a lot of the media that's or sure but you are so right. Many of us are waking up to this. We need to fight this!!!

  14. Ty, you are a breath of fresh air. The reason you are being censored is simple. You are not a muppet who agrees and mouths the typical politically correct company line. You are an independent thinking man who does not push an agenda. Please keep telling the truth to your fellow Americans and us Canadians as well!

  15. When people cannot justify their actions they shut you down in whatever way they can. You cannot reason with the unreasonable! Keep doing what you’re doing so well, being realistic and telling the truth. Luv from Scotland