They Were VERY WRONG About This

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They Were VERY WRONG About This

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  1. I don't get why US right wing/republican/conservatives simp for Russia.
    And leftists simp for Ukraine.
    As a Hungarian I wish Ukraine would win. Russia is shit. Just like the weak ass West, who are a different kind of shit.

  2. US strength comes from petrodollar. Without controlling the world financial system and the energy system it has no power.
    It's economy is weak. Printed papers do not have any value if it's not linked with real wealth. China and Russia have been playing chess and the winter is coming for the west. I mean, that's sad, I'm part of the west too…

  3. So your channels gets banned on Youtube. Well it's normal since you live in an autocratic dictatorship like Russia or China. This would've never happened if you were in a freedom loving woke utopia like US…oh wait.

  4. Russia has the advantage over the US and Europe in that it is connected to China by rail whereas they rely on container ships that are now involved in a major shipping jam due to a shortage of containers or too many containers jamming up the ports to prevent other ships unloading and in addition the Cov-2 problem in the major port of Shanghai. Russia is also able to get many of the goods placed under sanctions from China that manufactures them for Western companies and this applies from cars to machine tools. Trying to stop key Western goods from reaching Russia is like trying to stop water from flowing through a sieve as there is always some company prepared to indulge in the grey trade and the Western companies involved are usually happy to turn a blind eye on the basis of what the US CIA terms deniable credibility because as they say money talks.

  5. The first European and US sanctions against Russia took place back in 1917, and were suspended only during the Second World War. So Russia has more than 100 years of experience in resisting sanctions, during this time Russia has managed to industrialize the economy, implement the largest social support programs in the world, conquer space and help many developing countries overcome colonial dependence on "civilized" countries. The modern Russian government does not adhere to the ideals of socialistic internationalism, it's capitalistic, which means there will be less (or no) assistance to other countries and more resources will remain for Russia itself.

  6. Let Russia liberate the world from imperialism and apartheid regime of US. Monopolistic, selfish, aggressive, factory of lies, provocative, war monger, dangerous foreign policy. US holds a PHD in destruction

  7. BIDEN did this – When you sanction Russian world wide fertilizer exports, ban Russian world wide food exports, stop them selling cheap oil and gas, and give Ukraine tens of billions of US money no strings attached – yeah, prices will go up – big time. Just starting, as Biden is also on track to cause the US Dollar to lose its reserve currency status, and once that happens, then you’ll see inflation like never before.

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