They wish they could take this one back!!


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  1. Hi hivemmind love ur content. I have such a story for you all!! More like an experience to share 🙂 maybe will bring some clarity to some folks still seeking. I am Staci Rae I ran for mayor this election 2022. Bowser was current mayor and for eight years so her term it was believed to be almost up. Over. Except this is not how at all it went down. Even dealing with dcboe. The board itself. 😲 wow I am so blown …. U see Bowser is familiar with me. My face. My name. Only under the label I am deemed as under class codification as "homeless ' in her city for four years sleeping on the streets gaining a tent here and there and yet still being moved off public grounds by Bowser's regime. She can't afford to house anyone with her overisght of 400 plus programs but she can arrange payments to organize and fill trucks up to come dump and move all /tags and title of bodies homeless to disrupt and demean the lives of those already in the cities processees this is what folks have been enduring on the side so I decided to run my name declared myself candidate. While out collecting my signatures however I am brought ballads that had Bowser's name on it and all spots filled while I am candidate still trying to make my deadline. How is this. It made me so upset.

  2. Of course a leftist believes the right need to be silent in order for it to be fair. They can't win anything when it's actually fair and they know we're right. They don't want people to think.

  3. Interestingly enough up until recently i was of the camp that believed we have become to devised and need to bring the left wing and the right wing back together. After dealing with lefties in "real life" recently i realize im wrong. They have a level of programing not seen since Nazi Germany. They are now hard core Authoritarian leftist's. They are way beyond socialism. The don't believe we are in a Constitutional Republic. "Its a democracy" that they can just vote in authoritarian communism and the have the moral imperative to do so even if it means violence or cheating on an election. We must have National Divorce and let the #Demcoms devour each other.

  4. I keep saying it and I know it’s getting old. However there’s really not much more to say than this. All you have to do with the Left is take the EXACT opposite of whatever they say. There’s the truth!

  5. Lefties don't care about hypocrisy. They are so drunk on their own self-proclaimed, virtue-signaling morality that they are blind and tone-deaf. This is why ratings are down and layoffs happening. It's not the economy. If MSM did its job, the level of ratings and financial success would be astronomical. Their righteousness fuels their double-standards and their justification for election cheating and theft.

  6. Remember the next time someone tries to paint antifa as good just because they're "anti-fascist", shut their nonsense down with the fact that anti-fascist doesn't mean anti-authoritarian.

  7. The thing i love about them criticizing elon is that theyre definitely not as smart as the guy whos basically taking the fiction out of scifi by himself with like 4 different companies, while twitter is just a side project

  8. I'm reminded of a hypothetical news story from the early 1980s: "Two Soviet unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on a peaceful mission over the Sea of Japan were violently attacked by a Korean aircraft. While there was no loss of Soviet life, the glorious and peaceful UAVs were a complete loss.
    (If you need a little help, this would be the spin of the shootdown of KAL-007.)

  9. Whatever the dems accuse repubs or conservatives to be doing is actually what THEY ARE doing. Make sure you hear and understand what they are warning us that they will do next!

  10. 'They do it on purpose'… For decades. Politicians are actors. News media are propaganda. We are free range humans on a tax farm. Good channel here to hopefully awaken (not woken) more and more souls.

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