They wouldn’t let Horrid on their plane ✈️


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  1. Once trust is compromised, it is gone forever. Better that #6 of the Second Row continue to live elsewhere, than live in the fold and be witness to the daily distrust shown in the eyes of everyone around him.

  2. Thank you to Queen Elizabeth II for her 70 years of total devotion, dedication and loyalty to our country. A wonderful ambassador in every way. She was one of the last constants.
    Sadly missed already 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. I absolutely agree with you that Harry and Meghan caused the queen extreme stress – especially in her last days. Meghan wafting in screaming war wearing bright red outfit and again torturing people with her inauthentic speech. Nauseating. I hope no one forgets what Harry did to his grandmother. He is a spoilt, self absorbed twit who has no respect for his family. I also agree that the best he can do for himself is to divorce Meghan. Then maybe, just maybe oneday his family will forgive him.

  4. 👹😡DO YOU AGREE that meghan caused all this pain intentionally to kill the queen so that their kids get prince and princess title sooner??????????????? 👹👹👹👹👹

  5. So sad the loss of queen Elizabeth, RIP your majesty.😢👑🌹
    The tension is Harry & Meghan's fault, they're to blame. I don't blame the other members of the Royal family that didn't want him on the plane, he will use what ever they said for his books or in interviews.

  6. I absolutely agree Trevor. He is at that point where if he does not get out of that marriage, it will not end well for him, if you know what I mean. He’s in a very dark place. His father,ily doesn’t want him. Megraine doesn’t want him, the world doesn’t like him now. His brother just inherited new titles and is next in line for the throne. He’s gong to be questioning his life’s purpose. As much as we dislike him; he just needs to end it with HER and get to S. Africa where he can find some solace and a purpose.

  7. They did the right thing..I would have kicked him off too … have you heard about the nasty comments the American professor made about the dying Queen?

  8. Harry had a lovely relationship with his grandmother, and then along came that poisonous thing from america. And now be has the decline of both his grandparents final years on his conscience. Hope he his very proud of himself.

  9. He won't leave Megan. It would have to be done by her. Why would she? She is in a great position to further her dreams, opportunities, aspirations. Without her marriage to Harry she would not have attained many of them. But according to her, he is lucky to have married her. 😆😝

  10. The Queen kept the UK and the Commonwealth mostly intact for 70 years, she was that important. I fear for the future of the UK. King Charles III will never fill her shoes but hopefully he will follow her example and remain out of political matter. His history on such things is not reassuring.

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