They Wouldn’t, Would They?

The CEO of BlackRock has said that the Ukraine invasion could be used to accelerate use of central bank digital currencies. Luckily, Blackrock aren’t a very big company with connections to government with authority that rivals the World Bank, so nothing to worry about. #Bitcoin #DigitalCurrencies #Ukraine #War


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I don't know if I'm alone in this (almost certainly not) but upon hearing ol' Russ's amazing little speeches at the start of his videos about de-learning the corrupt shit that we're all force-fed our entire lives (to fool us into thinking that we are meant to live like this) and reminding us not to lose our hope always make me feel like it's worth holding on a while longer.

  2. Russel I don’t think you need a fake studio to make us more familiar with you and your content. Love the work strip it down we know you are on the road making that money

  3. How does this guy have so much money but yet doesn't make sense. He says that the world is turning away from a centralized Dollar system because of sanctions to Russia and others. But yet he's proposing a "centralized" digital currency which would do the same thing. This proves that in order to be rich in this current system you have to be a liar and cheater, no intelligence needed.

  4. Sexual misconduct allegation? Really? Have we learned nothing in the
    last few years? Over 75% percent of these are turning out to be outright
    lies. Enough mass formation psychosis.

  5. It's funny how in the beginning they demonize cryptos as being used by shady people and for money laundering. Now, they refer to cryptos as being useful in reducing money laundering. 😂

  6. There is no such thing as "public responsibility" only individual responsibility. Terms like that and others (public health, public safety, etc…) only exist to grow government power and squash individual liberty and values.

  7. That's how they extended their poisonous tentacles by scare tactics and calamities. They create the problem so they can bring the solution. But don't worry, it's for your own good.

  8. BlackRock bigger than Germany.. That is scary. That's what globalization hell is all about. This is what Putin is fighting against, if truth be told. He is a big proponent and always has been of a multi-polar world, where ALL countries are free to form whatever alliances are beneficial to them with any other individual country, with nobody to bully anybody else. And each country can have multiple deals with multiple other countries for different things. What on earth is wrong with Germany and Russia having a deal over a pipeline that benefits both countries. WHY should the US have ANY say in that? Or Britain or Canada or anyone else that is not directly involved. Why is it seen as some kind of negative act of war or something? It's the weirdest thing if you think about it. Two nations almost neighboring each other make a deal on something that logically derives from their geographic closeness – a pipeline, but some third country on the other side of the globe butts in and says no???? And sanctions one of the countries for it!!!!!!!!!! What the….

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