“They’ll Stop At Nothing!!!” Australia’s Scary Surveillance Powers

With a new law allowing for greater domestic surveillance of Australians and the passing of emergency powers globally, we ask, where is this all heading?
#GCHQ #NSA #spying #privacy #FiveEyes

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. CB radio communications are more secure than "private" telephone calls and text messaging. There's no more secure land lines. Amature radio frequencies have always made it illegal to encript voice and text communications (wonder why) but how closely does the FCC monitor these frequencies these days? If it operates like any other government agencies I'd say that they're all likely sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

  2. Russell is a comedian that’s on the same level as Robin Williams and Jim Carey..! And English version without even trying..! But they are stepping so far over the line . Something needs to be done..! I say everybody has to vote a minor party and put in so many minor party members they can form a coalition against the major parties..! Are we going to keep having brain spans of chickens and keep voting for this..! There’s things about the liberals I like and don’t like and labor as well. But thery are so far out of touch with reality its rediculous..! I’d be happy to just vote liberal and labour if they weren’t so extreme..! They are one minute for free speech while secretly trying to hush everybody up..!

  3. People say that Austrialians are decended from convicts so they should be used to the tyranny now there. It's not that they are all decended from prisoners, it's that they are all decended from prison guards… That is why this tyranny is just being accepted there as it's in their genetics.

  4. When your countries lost confidence!!
    It is more stupid and less efficient.. The surveillance is very tyrannic brutal security culture..and is provocative really for negative behavior

  5. Natives from Australia, are getting kicked out of their land! As they mentioned in a video asking for help, this is a "land grab" are you going to make a video about It?

  6. I loved the "for your own good" 😂
    It is a great episode
    By the way bashar was provided by a console to learn how to confront people's rebellion.. There is digital formation for those anomaly rulers

  7. The public is moved by mood more than logic, by instinct more than reason – that is something that every politician must make use of or guard against. JEAN CHRETIEN, Straight From The Heart, 1985.

  8. You should look up what a fire arm prohibition order lets Australian cops do and how easy it is for they put it on a person even if they have never held a gun before.
    Will blow your mind.

    For a run down from some that has this order on them I recommend the comedian/YouTuber friendlyjordies video called Australia's strangest law feat Spanian.

  9. Every time we load a new app we allow the app builder full access to your phone and the right to alter anything on your phone.
    Read through the 50 page document you scroll through when getting an app.

  10. Yes it is an invasion of privacy…but l dont think that l am that important (amongst the many) that it would cause them to be watching my every move. If we want technology in our lives l think this is just going to be part of it…and to be honest l am way more concerned with scammers, and the general public knowing my personal information than l am the federal police or government…🤗

  11. The tyrants are panicking, as they know what will soon sweep over their stone transhuman heads, death penalty for their crimes against humanity, violating their own fucking international criminal laws, created after the second world war, to avoid a second holocaust, medical experiments on people, this time a global holocaust.

  12. The greater good has always been the excuse of tyrants and despots.

    I am honestly surprised they're even bothering with that. Australian police these days are pretty much the same as Nazi Stormtroopers.

  13. What will be their definition of "domestic terrorist?" Anyone who does not agree with the current administration? It also sounds like the bar for thinking that there is an imminent risk of life can be very subjective.

  14. Imminent risk to life? That's COVID to them folks. If you don't comply with COVID rules, YOU are the imminent risk to life. The People's Democratic Republic Of Australia. A shame, I always hoped to visit and meet an aussie girl to marry. Oh well, not stepping foot in that country until the come correct.

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