They’re Coming For the Children

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Written by Mark Dice

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  1. They’ve BEEN coming for our children.
    I feel as though we live in a real life circus..actively were suffering in a living hell.
    I already had a list of companies not to buy from…so I guess I’m going to have to make a list of the few who actually stand up for what they believe instead.
    It may *Seem like we can’t do much damage by not purchasing products which one does not believe in, but if ALL of us do it- collectively…they’ll feel it. AND…it may even help grow them a larger set of balls.?
    My channel will probably get deleted AGAIN, for simply commenting this truth and not agreeing with their forced narrative.
    We need to stand strong- together to keep our first amendment right in tact.?
    C’mon patriots…we can do this…we can unite ALL together no matter what party (I’d like to think there are some who can still be woken up to reality).

    Pray all! Pray hard!
    Cuz, We have a country to save.?❤️??✌️

  2. Somewhere out there. there’s a little girl whose mom is a stripper, dad is a crackhead, and grandfather is the fraud president of the United States

  3. Churches are free to preach on any biblical issue, including social issues. Bible churches do it all the time. What they can't do is use the pulpit for political purposes and to speak against her for a particular candidate. I have no problem with this because this is a biblical thing as well.

  4. In July I shall be posting a lot about Straight Pride Month.
    I love to remind them that you can't possibly have gay people without straight people. ?

  5. These people that march the streets for an entire month once a year reminding everyone of the Noahic Covenant are doing such a great service, God promised he'd never flood the entire world again it's a sign of Grace. ??????

  6. As a retired teacher of Applied English (as a foreign language) courses, I'm doubly offended. First, for the reasons you've given. Second, for the liberal accent that barely sounds like English. In the liberal dialect, there's only one vowel: "ingh," pronounced through the nose if it's pronounced at all. What kind of word is "fimmily" anyway? I hope that no aspiring English speaker thinks that stuff is English and mimics it.

  7. Romans 1 in the Bible makes it clear that this behavior and the widespread deception of acceptance of it as normal is part of the judgement of God. The 60' sexual revolution led to the 90's gay revolution led to today where people can't even distinguish good and evil anymore. God isn't tolerating this, He's allowing people to destroy themselves with it before the end. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ to be saved.

  8. Ahhh remember the people saying Gay Marriage was the beginning of a slippery slope.
    I still remember them saying people were paranoid for saying this stuff would end up being pushed on children.

  9. What I will do is explain to my children that these a crazy lefists who are the bad guys and "re educate" them and explain that they should just be ignored…. yes politely.. but ignore them no the less.