They’re coming for you.

Whatever you feel about Roe v Wade, Big Tech’s subsequent “content moderation” demonstrates that even if you support the idea of tech censorship now, sooner or later your views will be targeted. #roevwade #facebook #censorship

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The Supreme Court did not outlaw abortion. It just put the states in control of what happens in their state regarding abortion. Women can still have abortions they just might have to travel out of state to do so.

  2. Everyone Throw all your devices into a pit, or a drawer and don’t use these types of apps and or sites, unless or UNTIL they change their ways.

  3. I’m starting to think that even with all of the great information, Russell is pushing fear like no one else. Fear is your only demon. Shed your fear, enjoy your life and when the fight is at your door, fight. Enjoy your life.

  4. Russel we already like you, please don't try so hard……you'll still be on the good-intentions (but air-headed hippy juice) mantra when they knock your own door down……prioritising the hope for folks to like you IS the reason we're now in a world of fake-smiles more than better thinking!

  5. These Control Monsters are attacking America from within All failures on Bidens policies. This is Communism 101. They are what they accuse all others of being. Evil Vile Criminals.

  6. Well said. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Follow the money. These cliches have become almost biblical in their accuracy. Censorship supports both of those principles . . . power mongering and greed. Good work, Russell

  7. Corporations are slowly and surely sweeping our liberties under the rug and keeping their best interests 1st before consumer's needs. I personally choose not to use social media as I distrust these corporate agendas. I've deleted them and have never felt so free from most of the jargon and garbage that's forcefed to us on the web.🙈🙉🙊

  8. Someone should start a social media platform called “Consensus” where intellectuals, politicians, scientists, professors, experts, journalists and concerned citizens can debate social issues and government policies, where they come to a consensus on any particular argument about social, cultural and ideological issues. There must be a better, fairer, more open and honest FACT BASED debate happening in society, where interested public observers can follow and interact with the debate. Because if we don’t come to a consensus soon western civilisation is doomed.

  9. How convenient that roe v wade was overturned while gas prices at an all time high and crazy inflation. It's funny how when both sides focus their energy towards the powers screwing us, that issues that cause the left and right to fight pop up. It's almost like they want us mad at each other rather than us being mad at them.

  10. Oh yeah I forgot to say this:
    If they…the government look up the definition….) take the role of authority from which they excercise a more intimate reach of rights over your private….perhaps they should fund and employ a staff who are available 24/7 to provide the more intimate assurance that you indeed have a prophylactic on your Washington monument….(fart noise)

  11. In the US,states are sovereign.They have the right to create laws based on the will of the people.The remedy to everyone's argument on either side is to petition your local and state government. I don't care about abortion one way or another,i'm not for it or against it. People sadly don't even know the laws of their own country. The government has gone to far and gained too much control,they will never give up the power that they hold with censorship. The only way to combat censorship is to keep talking about everything they don't want you too.

  12. You can't save everyone. If these "people" wish to abort themselves out of existence, we won't have to fight their children. God will sort it out in the end.

  13. You always mention the mailing list, and, as a loyal follower, and one who agrees with most, if not all, of your views, I went looking for where to do that. Now, I'm no noob, so finding out where to join the mailing list, or provide that info, should be simple. Nope. If it's in plain sight, I certainly do not see it, and situations like that make me not want to do it even if someone leads the way. I realize it probably benefits you in some way, and I'm willing to help out, BUT, if you are going to say irt on every video and then make it difficult to do, then I'm out.

  14. Russell careful you're becoming a Christian, and if you do…welcome home and to a freedom only God can provide. We are not of this world we are in fact set apart.

  15. What I’ve come to realize is that the far right and the far left are two sides of the same coin … they both want to control you by enforcing their “beliefs” on you. The political spectrum is not right vs left, but tyranny vs liberty.


    🛑 WE NEED to #STRIKEforWomensRights
    I AM Pro CHOICE. Your choice…. For your family. For your life.
    I Am PRO Women… We have literally MADE EVERY OTHER HUMAN ON THE PLANET.

    Do you know why these corporations work so hard to bust unions? Because unions effectively organize all of their members together with ONE UNITED GOAL, ONE UNITED PLATFORM. And when they're demands are not met they go on strike 100% strike. NOT 80% for half the day. 100% until the demons are met!!.( It's called sacrifice Karen.)
    I've heard your concerns. I LIVE your concerns.
    WE start a FUND and those with a little bit of money can donate so that single moms, or any struggling female, can apply for help with their rent, Etc while WE'RE ON STRIKE so WE CAN TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.
    Think about it if all the FEMALE doctors and the nurses, and all the female cops and all the female members of the military! all the factory workers, all the grocery store workers and Teachers,…think of all the essential workers sticking together…. They are there all women! Sports figures, actors news anchors, TV personalities news anchors, YouTubers, female delivery drivers, and stay home mom's, food workers, bartender waitress, housekeeping cook, maid, babysitter, daycare worker, pilot flight attendant, !! Think about it, EVERYBODY, All WOMEN (and MEN WHO SUPPORT US) go park your car in the middle of the street and highway. Block every train and port. Block every delivery truck Block every Amazon truck, every FedEx and every UPS, AND DHL, every USPS delivery truck, JUST SHUT IT DOWN!
    Our country would be crippled in a day!
    And it doesn't cost us shit. EVERY WOMEN STRIKES LOCAL NO TRAVEL COSTS . Because we just turn our cars, and minivans, suvs, trucks, etc.. off and just sit there!!!

    Commerce is crippled we don't buy anything. They can't ship anything… Planes CAN'T FLY. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL TO AND FROM AMERICA SCREECHES TO A HALT. EVERY SENATOR, EVERY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE MEMBER, AND THE PRESIDENT IS GETTING SCREAMED AT BY EVERY OTHER WORLD LEADER TO PULL THEIR SHIT TOGETHER!! And I hope no anti choice dude has a medical emergency because there's almost no nurses.
    Don't worry, we can take care of each other. And our children. And the men who support us, out in THE STRIKE.
    But we stay on strike!! No commerce zero!!!

    ****Why do you think the first thing they do to another country is cut them off financially? Why do you think the first thing they do is sanction this countries and block them out of the banking system. Cuz that's faster than fighting. ****

    The US government has taught us how to defend ourselves peacefully, with our purchasing power.
    All they care about is money and control. We need to hit them where it really hurts.
    ALL THESE STUPID PINK HAT MARCHES AREN'T DOING A DAMN THING!! Except enriching the very ppl supporting these anti choice laws that are Hurting You Women.



    In our parents lifetime INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE and the CHILDREN resulting from it where ILLEGAL.

    In 1976 it was illegal for us women to buy a home in our own name and have a credit card in our own name, on our own, without A man AS THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER.
    Yes that's right even if you were over 21 and graduate from college. "You poor hopeless stupid girl"….. Daugh.

    There are STILL doctors in this country right now who will not give their female patient their birth control of choice without their husbands permission. Yup let that sink in.

    As a guy, don't you Want The women you have sex with to Have Birth Control??!! Because if you don't think this court case affects you personally, you should probably do a quick Google search and read how many laws have been introduced to take away all the numerous forms of BIRTH CONTROL including condoms!! state by state!!


    it's good for the corporate owners.
    it's good for military recruitment.

    And if some girls have to suffer through abuse and giving birth to their rapists baby, or dying at the hand of their abuser, or dying from an ectopic pregnancy, or or dying from pregnancy gone wrong… meh- whatever. You got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette right… SMDH.

    If we don't act now in a very real, tangible economic, painful way, every modern day normality WE ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED is going to be ripped away from us by these right wing zealots. I am American. I am A WOMAN. WE ARE 51%. WE ARE EQUAL.

  17. The 6th Seal is opening this Summer…CERN is restarting the collider this week… Obama is about to be reinstalled as President… the Antichrist will rise out of Europe shortly after!! 🎆👍

  18. They are against all of us. Unless you are a rich and powerful heterosexual white man you cant advance in the world and if you do its much harder to make progress and be taken seriously. Canadas censorship bill will probably be coming to America too. I would not be surprised in the slightest.

  19. Here's the irony of the situation. Rich people will always find a way to have an abortion, so banning them will mostly effect poor people. So really you are just creating more costs and strain on the welfare state, and more of your tax dollars being diverted to help poor people.

  20. Doesn't matter where I stand on this issue, Facebook is pushing for MORE suppression of personal freedom. That alone should be enough to make people quit those UNamerican fucks!

  21. We seriously need to take back the world .. stop being weak .. giving in for peace .. Stand up to rudeness.. This doesn't mean being a dick just don't accept dick behavior

    Be polite, genuine helpful and charitable ..Be staunch and unaccepting…My body my way Blessings to every woman who will face this BullSh*t – Just got my first FB ban after 13 years I am clearly not standing up for the RIGHT battles

  22. Besides the greatness of your content…the fact that you keep things relatively short (11-16 mins usually) is vital. There are so many good discussions to listen to (podcasts, youtube, etc.). But with a full-time job and family I often find myself skipping a lot because I don't have the time. I watch your videos more than others' simply because you keep things fast and short. Keep up the great discussions!

  23. The Supreme Court does not write or rewrite laws whether they see fit or not, and if adherence to the Constitution is "Hard Right" then so be it. That's not how it works. Roe v Wade was not a law but a Supreme court ruling that was at odds with the Constitution because it had the effect of a Federal law. Because the Supreme court does not have the right to make law but only interpret it and rule accordingly, it had to go and give the power back to the states. It was the only Democratic solution.

  24. The loonies had to take it too far. Abortion right up to the moment of birth was sickening to all. Abortions need to be done around the 12 week mark, so there should be a cut off point based on medical reality and as early as practicable. I do feel that personal choice should be one of the major factors and in any case, people will find their way around the law and we will end up back in the back yard coat hanger scene. Horrendous.

  25. As long as speech is true it should be allowed. Even if I disagree, truth educates all and allows your views to fueled by truth and personal perspective and not lies and personal manipulation.

  26. I pick my child up from school. Hand on my heart i think Abortion would have been a kindness to some of those little creatures in his class. If door to door service was availible i am certain most of em would have stayed on the bench this season. Poorly lazy weirdo's

  27. George R. R. Martin wrote of this phenomenon, seemingly as a cautionary tale, in (I believe) A Dance with Dragons, the fifth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, better known as Game of Thrones (the HBO TV series). Cersei Lannister, in the name of her son King Tommen, armed the Faith Militant to use them as a political weapon against her adversary, Tommen's wife Margaery Tyrell. Eventually the Faith Militant arrested Cersei herself, because DUH.

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