“They’re Coming For Your KIDS Now!!!” This Is Madness

Whilst a new survey suggests public support for striking workers, politicians are trying to bring back child labour to plug labour shortages.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. We have corporatism, not capitalism. You accurately point out flaws of corporatism and attribute them to capitalism.

    If the government didn't pay the workers to be able to work underpaid for the giant companies those companies would fail. That would be a CAPITALIST solution.

  2. Little bustards….haha. oath! I'm building a world platform for charitable donations. Based on blockchain to remove the large multinational organisations that shave donations to pay large overheads….a level playing field.
    I too am financially free an have an overwhelming need to help the world for the better….
    Great show, your a better talk show host than an actor 😆 jokes 🤣
    Keep it up!

    Charity token foundation . Keep an eye out

  3. Come on Russel you are a smart man…YOU MUST KNOW this isn't about monetary gain…think like a conspirator thinks Russel! They want to lower the voting age to have access to more individuals who are easily manipulated by movie stars and other entertainers for their votes! Here is how it works…once you have a large number of minors working increased hours ( and they will) a couple of things will start to happen…many minors will start to question continuing on with school and work more hours….more hours will equate to more money (that living wage you keep hearing about) which will start a trend of minors leaving home and seeking to be empancipated…and as you know Leftist think minors should have access to pornographic materials in school libraries and pass out contraceptives and think they can make decisions WITHOUT alerting their parents…SO ofcourse the LEFT will lobby and demand they have more rights as they are working and supporting the economy in place of all the adults the LEFT has lulled to sleep with welfare and government payouts. One of those new rights will be the right to vote…and they will attempt to lower the voting age. Russel REMEMBER nothing is ONLY as it seems with politics…every new bill…every new law…every new mandate…plans within plans…every move they make hides their true purpose inside of helpful sounding rhetoric. Remember….what is important is the end result of the legislation, the bill, the law and the mandate…not the rhetoric they use to get it passed.

  4. What is a fair wage for an uneducated, unskilled, worker performing a mundane thoughtless task? There are jobs that an education is not required for but the work is difficult and potentially dangerous. College isn’t for everyone but adults should learn a trade or develop a skill, that’s the best way to not work for a minimum wage. Minimum wage can be raised however, you are still settling for the very least that a company would pay for your services. Value yourself more than the minimum. Strive to be more than the minimum.

  5. My job is currently driving me insane, I've just worked the last 21 days without a day off because half the staff have left and the company refuses to make the job better for people, they have actually taken away the few benefits we used to have, I'm constantly stressed and can't sleep and I've been having suicidal thoughts, today I have decided I'm not going back I'm not going to work my notice and I'm not even going to take the time out of my day to ring up and tell them I'm not coming back I'm done they have broken me and I'm going to go spend time with my freinds that I haven hardly seen or spent any time with in the last 7 years, if anyone else is reading this and having a similar experience then do the same because the more you give the more they take and it's not worth killing yourself so your greedy boss can live high off the hog in his big house driving around in his brand new German car that he parks in the fucking loading bay so he can avoid paying parking fees that all of his employees have to pay to park outside so they can make him more money that he doesn't need.

  6. Russel, people are not the problem, media brainwashing, please pay attention, look investigate. People eat together, work together live together, we don’t have the problem. It’s big tech, Government and the communist leaders/ socialists. That’s the problem.

  7. Activism should be: We can choose to shop at small businesses and work there. We chose to shop at Wal-Mart and let other places go out of business. More freedom and no minimum wage is what we need. Correct the mistakes and take responsibility where you can. Do not worship the government and ask it to fix it. Government helping always ends with mass death.

  8. This seems like a very one sided analysis, I can understand you wanting to look at this prom the point of view of workers but until you look at it from the point of view of the business, not in terms of values but just in terms of the numbers you wont understand that much of what you are suggesting, its not that it isnt being done, its that it cant be done, and comparissons to the outcomes of the past without accounting for the situational differences of the past is comparing apples to oranges.

  9. imagine sending a child to work for Mcdonalds KNOWING the kinds of things that happen there. explaining to a little kid about workplace violence, sexual harassment, that the adult in charge of you is not to be obeyed like they are your parent and in total control of you and your body. parents would say "ok joey, remember to turn on your body camera and call me every 30 min so that I can verify that you are not being exploited"

  10. Wow… insane and not at all surprising. Leave the kids alone man! Childhood never lasts long enough. Children deserve to enjoy their childhood before they're thrust into the endless void of adulthood 😞💗💞

  11. Dont let google win in the battle of the dislikes. This is censorship on mass scale and should be considered a crime against humanity!!! Most news channels already have comments disabled not allowing an open discussion on a matter but this just hits the nail on the head…

  12. daring….. whats wrong with getting 16 or 17yrs olds who think they know everything …. a job. ..? wouldnt they come to realize what it takes to have a nice home, good food in the house , warm bed and so much more. and dont you think Gretta would do some much better working at McDonalds in say south Los Angeles vs attending that boring Glascow summit and bamboozling all those billionaries and their jet. ???

  13. Agree at least the last 50 years. But this is not what the mostly polarized people like to hear, in my experience. I'm in and a thinktank could be part of a solution. Or creating a village where it is possible to experiment with new ideas and living it, so people see what this is about. Talking doesn't change very much is also my experience during a lifetime. Cheers!

  14. The problem I have with the anti-Capitalism arguments is that they fail to understand what Capitalism is. Capitalism is not a system. It is, like art, a unique result of humanity. Humans are spiritual beings in a material world. We can’t get away from our material needs. Also, we all have different things to contribute to society.
    Commerce and trade is how humans acknowledge that we are created equal. Yes that sounds naive, but bear in mind that animals don’t have equal rights and they do not trade. (There may be some exceptions, but very few.)
    In the animal world , everything is a power struggle. There is no capitalism in the animal kingdom, only survival of the fittest.
    Capitalism is flawed because humans are flawed.
    The root of all evil is not money but STATUS. Think about it: the term “New Money” is a negative term. People who inherited money looked down on those who earned it. If it was only about money, and greed, no one would care.

    If humanity was perfect then guess what, capitalism would also be perfect. Regardless, capitalism is the BEST system that humans have.
    Spirituality is necessary, but a) it won’t keep you from starving, and b) some people derive spiritual sustenance from the material world (art, for example)
    The key is to fight to ensure that capitalism benefits EVERYONE, not just the few.

    By the way I find it highly suspicious that anti-Capitalism sentiments are so common nowadays. If the big corporations and their allies actually believed that their power was endangered by these sentiments , then they would try to find a way to discourage them.
    But they don’t. Why not? Because the big corporations and power structures know that the disdain for capitalism will not dismantle THEIR power, THEIR wealth.
    They know It will only ensure that the benefits of capitalism elude the average person – and result in less competition and accountability for themselves
    That is the REAL reason why I hate anti-capitalism sentiments. It only ends up hurting the little guy.
    Capitalism is a two way street, by the way. Want to fight capitalism? People can choose to minimize consumer participation.

  15. From my experience in Scotland, devolution is the biggest failure we've ever experienced. All it's done is take tax payers money away from funded services to fund the extra government buildings/employees. On top of that we have an incompetent government that are constantly being taken to court and costing the taxpayer even more money. They continue to push for separation even though we voted no in a "once in a lifetime" referendum.

    They refuse to listen to the majority and continue to push through ludicrous new laws. They've already taken freedom of speech away and implemented tyrannical covid passports. Their hardcore supporters are the most in denial people in the world and still think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    Devolution isn't the solution, at least not the way it's currently implemented in the UK. It's like a small shop competing against amazon….amazon is always going to win. Better all together.

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