“They’re Doing WHAT To Our Food?!!” This Is NOT GOOD

As the World faces rising food insecurity, we ask, what does this mean for food production and whether it will push us into a genetically modified food colony?
#GMOFood #GeneticallyEngineered #agriculture #farmland #Colonisation

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Why are they modifieing the food dought? to increase production? to make it unhealty and use it for population control? or just to make money because they are the ones that modified the food?

  2. Hunger isn't helped when the US government pays farmers 1.5x their crop worth to destroy it or they won't receive any financial assistance any longer. For no reason other than they don't want it sold. I was told this sraight from the mouth of a farmer and many videos

  3. GMOs have helped many other societies save their crops. Papayas in Hawaii, plantains in Africa and brinjals in India. They have done some good but what I do not agree on is companies and governments forcing or lying to people to grow crops they don't want/need to.
    Logistics of food has always been a problem since civilization began. Bringing it up and saying all we need to do is fix this is like saying cancer kills people? All we need is a cure. Well it's not that easy but at least scientists are working at it unlike this issue where most people are all talk and no action.

  4. WE THE PEOPLE WILL never-never give up.

    good luck to the oppressed people.

    we are still with you. this message comes

    from all over the world. our children's

    eyes are still on you.

  5. Everything that is taking place around the world is written in the bible over 2000 years. The bible is being fulfilled this very hour. The bible says a loaf of bread for a day's wage.

  6. In answer to your opening question. Yes! Gates, wants you to eat his fake meat, while him and his millionaire cronies will be eating the real stuff! You will eat bugs, you will own nothing and you will be UNHAPPY!!!!!

  7. I try to eat organic produce which ensures they are nonGMO, but it’s SO much more expensive!
    We started a garden in 2020, it was amazing. But it’s really really hard! Last year we lost the majority of our garden due to pests and zero water! Our mini stream through the property dried up. Hopefully this years garden will be better! 🤞🤞

  8. The “globalist” or Cabal agenda is to control all the worlds food production. When you own the seeds you own the food. When you control food you control the world! This is why all the small organic farmers are being systematically destroyed. These globalists always use the benefit of the people as their excuse!! Same with the 💉 At no point in history have the people controlling the masses ever been the good guys! Keep pushing back and spread awareness!!

  9. It's all about the money, until people stand up to the tyrannical rule of politicians that are only interested in lining the pockets of the rich we are going to do irreversible damage to the planet, cross pollination will cause genetic modification of natural products, and bill gates who claims to be a 'philanthropist' has already started patterning GM seeds and once they are cross bred with other crops he will be able to sue for money as he can claim they are using his product, but this will be irreversible, it needs to stop, Vive la Revolution!!

  10. If those in power cared, they would regenerate the soil….. that would create a healthier climate, cleaner air, healthier animals, healthy soil, healthy people. They seem to be out of control with greed, we should be helping each other not a small group trying to crush everyone else. How do so few control so many?

  11. An interesting argument and one that needs to be made but does it have merit?

    The assumption here is that GM foods are unnatural and therefore must be bad for us. But are they? I've no idea because I haven't seen the research. The point is should we base our opinions on assumptions and feelings or evidence?

  12. Ever since they’ve been spraying chemicals pesticides on our fruits and vegetables it’s been bad since this is why every household including rooftops in the cities all Communities should have somewhat of a garden so people can grow certain fruits and vegetables also communicate more with each other come close again without looking at a device where you can’t truly share your natural energies with each other. Do you know what could give us more space to grow more fruit and vegetables that the community could maintain and also bring the community together to learn what we should be learning also create more land for housing they should get rid of all the graveyards start burning all bodies again and get rid of most of the golf courses I know this sounds similar to what George carlin mentioned because it’s true they are a complete waste of space I understand religious people would get offended because they love going to their loved ones graves because they have the mindset thinking that in order to communicate with their loved one they have to go to the grave site which is stupid it’s not your fault you were brainwashed by religious orders no hard feelings because let me tell you when I die the last thing I want to do is have to wait where my bodies buried for a love one to come and see me i’m pretty sure when we die you have access to pretty much go wherever you want even explore the cosmos and all Man it’s really sad what these religious orders have made people Believe and follow I understand some of you rich individuals out there cannot wait to show off your big gravestone so when you die you can show it off on how big your gravestone is compared to everybody else’s a big waste of space No disrespect but it’s really the truth from experience and other peoples experience a NDE you really do not care where your body goes when you realize the truth when we die. A heads up I do believe in god the creator who created the whole universe who represents the truth we all are one with. Wish you all the Best of life and we really do need to stand up to these individuals that have been ruling over us for a long time now it’s their time to lose their power and it’s time for humanity to take our power back and get back on the right path of a prospering healthy peaceful loving civilization that has once existed even with everlasting free energy but these asses had to destroy it and destroy our true history and create these systems to enslave us and control our consciousness so the truth stays hidden. Let’s go real freedom not the American dream BS that’s really not real freedom trust me if Jesus Christ existed today he would not be with America because America just seems to be too focused on money and not Love Same goes to other countries as well. If I ever got to talk to a high mass of individuals the government would probably shoot me faster than JFK I would definitely be canceled I would be surprised if you get this message. 🌍✌️

  13. people should buy localy fresh food not supermarket rubbish, people are asleep if they think that convid, blm, gay rights, global warming & gmo foods are not related

  14. They recently released a press release for how Mrna tech could be using bioengineering techniques to treat illness within the body. In the next few decades nothing in this world will be natural…it will all be modified including humans

  15. I mean if this isn't a repeat in psychological warfare against humanity I don't know what is. Government would not be necessary without fear…. they starved out sitting bull, they did this in China, they starve the people.. EXODUS… Movement of the people!!! Stop paying these morons and chase them out of our cities, starting in your hometown….

  16. Been living off sardines and potatoes for over a year with little heating , 5 days out of 14 , iam 52 and fed up,, living rural can be hard , fooking cold tonight , but i have a warm bed , thanks Hot water bottle xx

  17. The same 'highly effective' vaccines that are doing nothing to slow down this virus? Dont look at Sydney Australia right now folks, 94% double jabbed and seeing record case numbers 10 fold of previous waves… Yes… 'highly effective' indeed… And now look at this 'highly nutritious' food we have, you like gruel dont you? Well eat up then!

  18. The only connection between GM food and vaccines, is that conspiracy theorists don’t understand the genetic modification going on in/ not going on in both.
    They’re both ducking safe.

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