“They’re Doing WHAT To The Weather?!!” Isn’t This SCIENCE FICTION?!

Reports suggest that Chinese weather authorities have successfully managed to control the weather. Will this technology become a global tool for good, or are more politically nefarious uses on the horizon?
#BillGates #China #WeatherManipulation

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Can't believe you just got it figured out. They also can create earthquakes. They were experimenting in the 60's and 70's. You can read a book written in the later 70's called We are the Earthquake Generation.

  2. OMG I was going contact you for your opinion on exactly this subject, so glad you are covering it. From my searches on NASA and other sources I found out the Earth's axis has changed and its rotation has slowed down and that Volcanic activities, earthquakes, including the one in Indonesia, have also affected this to the point where weather patterns have been affected around the World. I also extensively researched cloud seeding, which again is noted on NASA etc. Makes one wonder what is going in space with all the rockets going up there and yes China has successfully researched controlling the weather etc. for warfare which other nations have tried to stop. Too many strange weather events happening around the World that are described as apocolyptic events these days to heighten everyone's anxiety.

  3. The biggest mistakes being made are that of man intervening with Mother Nature. We are seeing the effects of this with fires, storms, most recent tornadoes etc. The native American’s have been speaking of this since being on the lands. Bill Gates wanting to block the sun is only the action of a psychopath with so much money that its no longer satisfying so then over reach of power becomes the hunger which to be fed

  4. Instead of just doing the right thing and living sustainably and responsibly on our planet, we're ready to brute force our planet into submission. Forcing the rain to fall and blocking out the sun. What a sad state we're in

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