“They’re Eliminating FREE THOUGHT!! Billionaires’ Plan To CONTROL The Internet

George Soros has launched a corporation to “counter disinformation” – but should billionaires get to decide what constitutes “disinformation”, and what impact will agendas such as these have on our freedom of speech?
#censorship #GeorgeSoros #disinformation #regulation #FakeNews

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Georgie started the disinformation campaign in the 70s, you can trace trouble back to his setting up shop all over the world. Look at what the far left calls any country where his "open society" is banned. Devilish.

  2. remove the net from your lives then before it controls everything you do humans can live without it its not the first time we wouldnt have net it would make the corrupt extremely uneasy the net is becoming obsolete anyways with all the manipulation and misinformation

  3. Careful russel brand, or else they'll brand you. Pun intended. Seriously though, all you need to be labeled a hater or fraud is just the opinion of someone who is called an expert.

    Fact check: mostly false: reasoning: experts from the SPLC, ADL, and NFL disagree.

  4. Soros needs to be in prison for crimes against humanity as a Nazi youth and for interfering with United States politics and financial institutions. He amassed his wealth by bankrupting Americans and American companies. Soros is truly EVIL.

  5. There was global communication going on before the internet came along…
    I used to say that "Webs" and "Nets" are in reality TRAPS…but what do I know?

  6. I shared a video of a certain person sniffing kids and called him a pedophile and got warned by Facebook that their is no evidence of it and I could be causing hate speech or bullying 😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    Facebook 100% protects pedophiles, try writing something against good old Joe and see what happens

  7. The word combination "Good Information" has been copyrighted by the Good Information Inc. Corporation and from now on you will need their permission to call your information 'good information".

  8. Increasing the flow of "good information." Sounds like they have figured out they can't shut up everyone in this digital age and have settled for the next bed thing (for them), drowning everyone else out through sheer volume of propaganda.

  9. That's what Satan does, he brainwashes the unsaved and works through them deceiving others, especially those of influential power, as he plays a false evil fake god, slowly setting the stages those things already prophecized in Almighty God's Holy Word in the book of Revelation.

  10. Nice. One day they will realise that thier audiences want unbiased news. Until then they will just keep pushing thier (concentrated advertisements) news on a vacant space.
    There is to much choice out there that just having an open flame won't draw in any moths because there are so many better flames to pick from.
    Unbiased, competent, diligent and truthful.

  11. Someone has hacked rb YouTube channel please be very careful 🙏 they have videos of him, selfies and even his driving licence too it's not actually himself I've been scammed out of £1075 personally.

  12. Over the past 5 years or so google & YT have been deleting 9 1 1 videos off YT and the only stuff you can find now is the official government bullsh1t narrative. They’re also demonetising YouTubers for videos about certain topics they don’t like.

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