They’re Falling Apart

As AOC refuses to endorse Biden for 2024, and the President suffering from low approval ratings, is the Democrat party falling apart at the seams? #AOC #Biden #Democrats

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. It's not just America it's the UK also, says a lot when bosses of MI6 or who ever it is doing to Davos party meetings ? What America does, we do !!! That worries myself and lots of people I no.

  2. The people behind the doddering, creaking institutions need to be overthrown, and then brought to account, before we have any chance of instigating the kind of values you rightly extol, Russell. Without that reckoning, nothing can change.

  3. You are at the end of an unbroken line of reproduction reaching right back to the beggining of time – think about all of the experiences that have been had your ancestors…. now listen to your instincts

  4. The job never looked harder or more important than when Joe Bidden became president. When you realize your present, future, and life or death could be in his hands, it's frightening!

  5. Time to review Adam Curtis THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES.
    jimmy Dore just referced this astonishingly succinct and powerful tweet:
    "As the plausibility gap shrinks the populace entrenches in extremes. Empathy is forced out until logic serves no purpose.
    Weak minds & the corrupt become most vocal while the knowledgeable are ridiculed & silenced. Public demonstrations of unquestionable loyalty are encouraged"
    Time for a Jimmy Dore and Russell Brand matchup just to explore the quote methinks!
    Tis so rich!

  6. We are willing to ENTERTAIN biden….loll give him the fantasy I see how they work, kinda like how they treat Americans and keep them in an Entertained fantasy that they are still free

  7. Big corporations require everyone including the CEO to retire at 65. I'm 74 and have to take a nap in the afternoon. The Dems better get their sh*t together soon. At this time they don't even have a possible alternative. WTF? No to Biden and anyone else over 55.

  8. It amazes me that people don't see that they don't plan on winning any more elections. They plan on starting a civil war. Just look at the actions, nothing else makes sense. Just my opinion. End both parties and we save the world.

  9. Methinks that Russell Brand interviewiing Whitney Webb, beginning with the issue of Oxford Cecil Rhodes Scholars influence on America, would be a deeply interesting little or long conversation!
    I think the well-informed Russell Brand might get a further brain extension by interviewing Candian Matthew Ehret, American Catherine Austin Fitts, and American forensic historial Richard Grove!
    India now has some great intellectual bloggers coming into the perception opening open source intelligence mind space!

    Can Mahabharat & Ramayan happen again? Dr. Vineet Aggarwal

    Indian Army's SUPERWOMAN – Dr. Seema Rao – Commando Trainer | The Ranveer Show 209

  10. This just very well done, and perfectly stated.
    Especially towards the end.
    I agree with you 💯, and find your sleep fart bit very amusing.
    Great work Russel and thanks for the laughs 😃.

  11. I'm sitting here realizing that this show is just that, a show, and that Russell Brand makes episodes whether or not he feels up to it, or like shit. I am wondering how much of the guy we see is actually Russell Brand, and how much is a character he is playing.

  12. The man is an absolute liar. The dems are only in this for their greedy selfish gain. Of course they do and will prop up old Joe blow when others pull his puppet strings.

  13. 10:05 This feels like a really good summing up. Inclusive is good but is exclusive bad? If it is a powerful and rewarding feeling human experience, then why shouldn't it have a place also. It would be nice to have a harmonious setting for all of these different parts of our experience. I have a strong fear that we may get tricked into giving up a bunch of different aspects of our experience. Then figure out that we were tricked when it is functionally to late.

  14. I think another great guest for Russell Brand would be Daniel Lizst of DARK JOURNALIST whose particular journalistic pursuit is following the intersection of hard science and engineering with occult spirituality over several hundred years. This is far stranger a revelation than most sicience or spiritual minded are culturally prepared for!

    I think thiese are good reference episodes:

    Dark Journalist X-126: Eighth Sphere Wars Rudolf Steiner Ahriman Warning!

    Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: Global Governance War For The Future!

  15. It would be great to see those in government and their family member's be indicted and accountable for the choices they made to deceive and lie to American citizens. This will never take place though. These individuals are invincible and their crimes are swept under the rug and everyone looks the other way. What rug? I didn't see a rug? No rug ever existed. That's misinformation. 🤤

  16. ndia, China Or USA? Who's The Next Superpower? Abhijit Chavda On GeoPolitics | The Ranveer Show 122

    SO useful to escape the Anglo-American Establishment lens now and then!

  17. There’s a lot of agism happening in these comments about how old/elderly people need to be sat at home and cared for. That is discriminatory. Many elderly people are more sharp and healthy than many younger people. Need to stop discrimination against older people.

  18. As I watch this fine segment I notice there have been 371k views, but only 35k likes 👍 Do you think those 336k people who viewed and haven’t clicked the like button were completely ambiguous about the content, or are they somehow concerned that liking these videos will place them on a list somewhere? 🤔

  19. Biden has no chance to win in 2024! Even if he is running against the Hamburgler he can't win. America would vote a Golden retriever before they vote him in again. If he does run and win hopefully there is a REAL investigation!!!

  20. First we only got 10% of total oil usage from Russia. Then when Biden released the gas reserves it would have kept the prices from going up at all. Problem is he sent the reserves to Europe (the only one buying from Russia was Germany). So when he says he is doing all he can, means he is doing all he can to hurt America people.

    We already provide everything for the boarder crossers (food, living expenses (rent, utilities). They can work with receiving all of this, and claim children that they left behind on their income taxes.

    They took people off the welfare rolls in the late 60's, early 70's (saving all states welfare monies), all the while taking from the earnings that the labor put into Social Security, because that is where the overage welfare people got money, plus food stamps. How much of the money going out of Social Security going to boarder crossers?

    Economics has never been a puzzle as it has been a well studied subject. Our politicians are playing a dangerous game with the will being of the USA. They are up to no good and need to stop following the Destroyer, the Deceiver, and the Liar. Their very soul depends on it. They make more money (a lot more) in office than their Federal salary.

    They took money out of Social Security (talking it is about to be stopped) (they could add to the debt all the money they took from Social Security … run by the Federal Reserve). All the seniors we lost to the virus, should have been a boost to Social Security … sorry to say. I heard that all the Social Security taken from the wage earner is actually a tax being stolen. Not only they put that borrowed into the General Fund, they have taken any access that was not distributed to the seniors/disabled/disabled under 62 and put the overage into General Fund. This is out right stealing from the wage earner. All of the money taken from the wage earner and put into the General Fund needs to be returned, not raising the money taken out of the wage earners pay check.
    They are up to no good and every deed done by all of us will be brought up by the judge …. some will have forgiveness.

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