They’re Going To INJECT You With THIS!

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They’re Going To INJECT You With THIS!

In this video, we break down the government plan to inject you with a chip with a censor that goes off if you have a certain sickness.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Thanks for sharing.?? I believe that the green particle that is in that capsule is some kind of nano particle that is of an alien origin. We need to be careful in letting them inject us with vaccines that are not FDA approved but definitely experimental. There is a law that if someone dies in your family due to experimental drugs, you can not sue due to it being just that; experimental!!!

  2. So now this proves that the military is in on all of this and that there is nobody in politics that can stop it, they are actually participating in manifesting it.

  3. No it's literally a risk to the military just it could allow an organization to take over the military with a chip that could explode if hacked or activated literally out of mission impossible 3

  4. "Conspiracy theorists" : theyre working on microchips, they want to track you.
    Npcs: "yOUrE a Tin FOIL hAt wEarInG pSYcHo"
    Darpa: so we have here this microchip…..

  5. Wow, it's almost like the government wants to encourage people of different races and back grounds to hate each other….
    If I didn't know any better I would think they want to drive 'division' among the citizenry….

  6. The chip is terrifying and there's no way I'd ever willingly get it, but all I can think about is that elderly lady. I hope she was able to get food somewhere.

  7. As an Australia we have no choice in vaccines but lucky for some of us that choice that does not exist was changed. For the rest of us over 50 life is a bummer.

  8. Like the new suicide squad we will hav weed to follow as they say.if ever we try to escape or do anything that differs from them they will detonate the micro chip the planted under you skin

  9. The police are the standing army of the tyrants…until it effects their families…that is IF they have one…..military being experimented on again…

  10. If they can monitor your blood then they can monitor your mood.
    From there it's only a couple of steps away from being drugged up whenever your emotions spike.

  11. We had tracking devices back in the 1980's for special ops. DOD said it was so there would not be any more MIA, POW and Friendly Fire situations. Able to track up to 25 miles (back then). With today's technology, who knows.

  12. My mom's on dialysis and they are more scared about covid than most.

    Dialysis does not remove the covid virus. Dialysis only targets three main chemicals and excess water. It literally pulls the blood out through a tube through a filter that looks like a regular water filter and pumps it back in to the body. It can't even remove most medications how's it supposed to stop a tiny virus?