They’re hiding the truth in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Who is telling the truth about Ukrainian tragedy? Russia is warning about manufactured crises and there is precedent for that. Newly-released videos show Nazi soldiers laughing about Western ignorance. Who is really ignorant??

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Written by Redacted


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  1. The fake news has given rise not only to people not believing anything being reported, but also, people not caring about it, which may have been the goal all along.. who knows.

  2. You want to make it viral? Change the Title that reads "NAZI regimes a keep selling weapons to Ukraine" but talk about the truth and say no "it is not the Nazi. It is USA and NATO COUNTRIES DOING THE SALE"

  3. The explosion of social media platforms made the propagandizing of lazy, stupid people as simple as posting opinion couched as fact. Facebook started the teflon coated slide to Idiocracy. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have finished it off. Humanity purports itself to be the apogee of evolution because it "reasons". Unfortunately reason can only come after questioning. If you blindly accept something as "true" because you accept the authenticity of the source, you haven't used "reason", you have used "belief". Belief is much easier than thinking.

  4. I wish I found your channel a long time ago,you are right up my alley! I'm always seeking the truth and a it's been a lot of work and effort! I've been down the rabbit hole and seen the ugly side,more than I really wanted to see. But people need to wake up,and they AREN'T doing it fast enough! We all need to keep pushing forward!

  5. Do we really "need to" stand with the Ukrainian people???
    Zelenskyy was ethnic-cleansing Ukraine from the ethnic minorities since the past 8 years, (not just from Russians, but Hungarians, Romanians, Gypsies and others), while the Urania people just looked the other way! just like the German people were looking the other way, as Hitler was ethnic-cleansing Germany! there are those who would say, "but the German people did not know", but didn't they? it happened in front of their wary eyes, and they did nothing, they did not want to get involved as long as it wasn't them at the "receiving end". The same was happening in Ukraine for more then 8 years and no one said anything, and now we all expected to side with the "Ukrainian people" the victimized citizens! Yes, I see sorry for those people, for all those refugees (women and children), but I feel even more sorry for those Ukrainian citizens who are ethnic minorities that in Ukraine! The war did not make an end to their harassment, it made it even worst. Yet, no one talks about these things.

  6. Corporations manufacture consent. Corporations do this by owning the mainstream media and our politicians. It is difficult to get information that counters this narrative unless someone invests the time to dig into alternative news sources and opinions.

  7. Certainly, there were ethnic Russian civilians killed in the Donbas by Ukrainian forces. You can't deny that; and yes, it is a provocation. It is not an "unprovoked" attack by Russia.

    Further more, the Donbas area is old Russian territory and the Russians are traditional masters in the area. When Mr. Putin asked you to lay down your arms, you should have done so. He doesn't have any power that the Almighty didn't give him.

    Romans 13:1

    “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

  8. Those who would rule our lives as if they were living God's to us, have been sending the working class men off to fight War's of their choosing forever.
    It's not new.
    They are called Monarchs. Emperors, Empresses, Kings, Queens, Sultans, Popes and Ayatollahs to name just a few.
    Mortal Men and Women who would rule your life as if they were a "God" to you, are in fact YOUR Devil.
    The other guy's Monarch, is the Other Devil, as in, better the Devil you know rather than the Devil you don't know.

  9. Clayton Morris is absolutely correct when he says… "It does make sense" (why we give bombs to people to promote peace) but the problem may be that the reality of the situation is just too difficult for us to imagine.

  10. Any time western media uses the words women, children or rape in reference to a proxy war the USA is funding then 98% of the time it's a BS story… on the other hand if the UN is involved then they are the ones doing the rape.

  11. We know this since more than 30 years. But I felt it got worse. Something has changed. And it is the boldness of the propaganda.
    A father of a friend of mine advised us jokingly – Even if you are caught with your trousers down, you pull them up and deny.
    This is how it went until now.
    But now we are overwhelmed by events and the social media that presents them, so it's not even necessary to cover it up. They just keep silent. Exactly how psychopaths and narcissists do when they are cornered with evidence. They just keep silent now. Because they know that the next event will follow quickly enough, before the certain media gets discredited by the false information they spred about the last event.

  12. I'd hoped that Trump's revelation of how corrupt main stream media has become; would make people suspicious; of anything being "reported" by these same frauds; who brought us "Russia Gate"; and so much more. But then I'm old; and a Historian… and maybe a bit of a "cynic".

  13. Please! You were told not to reveal those secrets of how the Ukrainian military is (somehow) launching missiles and bombing their own cities, killing their own civilians while those poor, gentle Russians are just trying to help like they did in Syria and Chechnya.

  14. 80% of humans are sheep and just follow what they are told to do. Then, of the remaining, 15% are independent thinkers but they are censored and lied to too much to know what is reality. So in the end, only a few of those can see through the scams. Of the last 5%, they are opportunistic megalomaniacs, they could care less what is the truth. They will take advantage of the situation.

  15. To answer the dumb question most don't use their computer for honest information and believe TV news garbage. They also don't believe in weather modification even when it is visibly clouding the skies.

  16. Is it not interesting how much our media knows about Russian plans in this Ukraine war yet our US president doesn’t take more than one question for us to understand what he’s up too?

  17. Wow, I'm so glad I found you two! A long-time libertarian, I recognized the collusion of both democrats & republicans since at the latest the 1980s. Not ALL democrats & republicans are complicit, but neither party is free of blame. It's such a relief to me that you both say things I would say, that your understanding mirrors my own, and that you always seem to try diligently to remain rational & fair. Thank you!

  18. So yeah in a lot of ways we were stupid because we walked around with blinders on and we trusted the government. Reality check that was the wrong thing to do I knew government was evil I knew they were bad but I had no clue it was this bad absolutely none. But at the same time I'm going to place 99.99% of the blame on the media because they're the ones that lied to us and they're the ones that took us down that road knowing they were taking us down that road.

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