They’re HIDING What’s REALLY Happening!

They’re HIDING What’s REALLY Happening!

This video explains what kind of trial is happening at the committee hearings and what they’re actually hiding.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. I know you have good info…. but it is very hard to follow and understand.
    You talk too fast and without pause… and there is not time to watch the images.
    Information cacophony.

  2. The current administrations actions are obviously treasonous to not only the American way but the American people. Something must be done before another administration gets in and makes things worse. It will happen they are actively trying to destroy the America we all know to create a communist dystopia or CHINA 2.0. They hate us and only think of us as means to gain power and wealth.

  3. On June 13, 2022 The Canadian government voted to cut short the DEBATE on Bill C-11 which is to take over our internet and control what we see and what gets posted. They won't even allow a free speech discussion ABOUT free speech!!!!!! Canada has gone full on psycho thanks to Tyrant Trudeau's Liberal Party and the leader of the socialist NDP who have ganged up and have taken control of the government. I honestly have never been this scared for Canada.

  4. This is the only purpose for guns. Period. This is why they were made and why we still have them and why we have to hold on to them. Have baldy tell an armed SEAL he's hackable. Lol. It's a good idea.

  5. Why aren’t we realizing that these people are being brought in to vote? They’re going to vote in the midterms doesn’t everybody understand that?

  6. The Add I got was about a Millionaire talking about A PENNY.. And she's a writer of many books..
    My Topic is the 0bam0 Penny… Pennies found in the dirt have even lasted decades in dirt… Pennies were made of Copper and metals worth a s#!t , in a sense… 0bam0s Pennies… Oxidize, deteriorate, etc.. and QUICKLY Rot into Nothing..
    Just random food for thought. Just money that if left anywhere other than you coin cup, it will rot away. Also they don't last long regardless… worthless..

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