They’re Just Now Realizing They’ve BEEN PLAYED. Lefties Are FURIOUS With Walmart!


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  1. Worked hard at WM HO for over 11 years. Left last year over their woke BS and disagreement as to what goes in my body. People, WM does NOT CARE about anything but profit. When was the last time you heard the jingle Sam Walton coined? "Saving you money so you can live better".

  2. Can some tell me if the president will go to Texas to see the families of the children wich were murdered if they were black no problem you have no idea the problem you are in by having a clown as a president can you imagen 80 million votes

  3. Old Sam Walton is rolling in his grave in agony of what became of his company.
    The only thing keeping him from rising up is the weight of the tombstone.

  4. I've been saying I think Walmart is behind a lot of what's going on. Yellow and Blue lol. Oh Season 3 Stranger Things, the mall clues,China , Russians , when yellow and blue meet in the west? Hrm

  5. You can never satisfy a regressive leftist, NEVER! Their very nature is based on them finding offence in everything to brow beat people into kowtowing to them. The only way of dealing with them is to mock, laugh, and refuse to give them any power over you!

  6. Every time Walmart, Disney, or any other organization. Goes against anything in our constitution or Bill of Right, we the American people that believe in Freedom should quit doing business with them. This Is the only thing they will ever respect in my opinion. Or they'll go hungry and suffer with the rest of us, eventually. These are my personal thought, I've been on this Earth for 68 years and I have paid close attention to these things, but I'm just, one grain of sand in an hourglass.

  7. We would have never seen it all so clearly in mass without the Biden regime being placed in office. The speed of their globalist agenda & purposeful destruction of America & the American people after having & living through the success of the previous 4 years!! Regardless of how you feeling about Trump there's no denying who wants America to succeed & who wants it to collapse!! It's the Great Awakening & it's the American people who are taking it back & REJECT their evil BS

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