They’re Just Outright Telling Us That Peace In Ukraine Is Not An Option

US Senator Joe Manchin said at the World Economic Forum on Monday that he opposes any kind of peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia.

Manchin, who at the moment is one of the most powerful elected officials in Washington, added that only the complete forcible ejection of Russia from all of Ukraine is acceptable, that the war should ideally be used to remove Putin from power, and that he and the strategists he talks to see this war as an “opportunity”.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  2. What were three started, like all war start, in a think tank envisioning session. It’s something you’ll never read in history book.

  3. Meanwhile in the real world 2439 fighters from the elite Nazi Ukrainian units surrendered in Mariupol in the last couple of days. Even they don't want to die for corrupt Nazi regime and Hunter's kickbacks. 1357 surrendered there before this instance. 16500 Ukrainian fighters were killed only in and around this town. It's a tremendous blow to an already low morale of Ukrainian troops. Probably Russians will get 40 billion of American weapons eventually. “Always gift your billion-dollar military equipment to your enemy. Nothing fights hyperinflation and shortages better than this… ": Joe Tzu aka China Joe, Art of Dementia🤣

  4. It is total cynicism of these "men"! They are desperate, they want to end Putin's government because he is a dictator and they are the worst of the human race. They are destroying their country and they want everything they can get.

  5. Helplessness drapes the world in ever-darkening hues. Just look at your views and subscriber numbers. I have no clue as to why you soldier on. I checked out after the "out of the incubators and on the floor" theater hit the top of the charts. Living in the Amazon isn't too bad, you get used to it.

  6. USA has already spent billions on this project and will make sure to get its money's worth, hopefully including the total destruction of Ukraine.

  7. This is not a war between Ukraine and Russia, or even a proxy war between USA and Russia; this is a proxy war between USA and China.

  8. Ted Cruz unwittingly spilled the beans, back in January, on the Senate floor, when he stressed that "We must work to secure new markets for American liquified natural gas producers."
    Low oil prices have had Wall Street banks in near panic, over the past 4-5 years, because they are worried that the American "Fracking Cowboys" won't be able to repay the loans made to them, by Wall Street, when oil prices were inflated a decade ago.

    They seem to have gotten their wish. Europe will no longer be buying Russian petroleum, and, if they have any money left, they will be forced to piece together their energy demands by importing LNG from the United States.

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