“They’re Just Research Facilities.”

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Archived news article

Studying ethnic weapons

ecohealth alliance and meta-biota funding research

Rosemont Seneca works with metabiota

metabiota works with B&V awarded up to 970Million!metabiota-gains-government-momentum-with-black-197

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  1. Like most sane people, I knew something didn’t feel right about the whole Russia vs Ukraine situation. Got called a conspiracy theorist.
    The truth always comes out. Whether people pay attention is another thing.

  2. I've been saying, if it did come from a lab. Either by accident or on purpose, one thing is for sure. China took advantage of it for sure. You don't shut down all domestic travel and let everyone travel internationally on accident.

  3. Lady please, i invite you to Mariupol with everything you heard from putin's propaganda to see how they 'liberated' the country so far.
    When someone makes bullshit after bullshit even if they tell a single truth (which in case of biolabs is not) that still doesn't make up. Also please, you can't make an ethnic targeted weapons, this isn't metal gear. It doesn't work like that. This isn't a research, you could and should do better. If you believed a single word from russian propaganda just to prove your point of 'a-ha, the bad current government of america is indeed bad', that devalues your opinion instantly. Russia is nothing but lies, constant, decades long lies to cover up fuckups.

  4. Who are you to judge what the nation of Ukraine should do? You think they should knuckle under to Putin. That tactic didn't slow down Hitler at all. Thank you for informing us, but stop telling Ukraine what to do.

  5. bottom line – your news media is always supporting wars, terrorists, terrorism, corporate whoring, suppressing all that is good and religiously into sacrificial murder and other evil sh it. the end

  6. I'm sure you get suppressed but these videos are at the top of my list of favorite highest quality youtubers. It's crazy you're only getting 14k views. If speech survives you will be in the millions in no time. The truth cat is too unstoppable.

  7. Everything is a potential weapon when it falls into the wrong hands: even a bread knife, a car, the internet, or a nuclear power station. That doesn’t mean they are weapons. It only means there are insane and dangerous people who turn these things against us.

    Cats have small brains. Just saying.

  8. I about ended upon the floor laughing when you suggested someone snuck into Hunter's room and stuck a crack pipe in his mouth and took a picture, or that robot mosquitoes probably aren't evil – maybe 🤣

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